Tips against stress in Corona times

Our lives are being altered by Corona. Many people have varying levels of fear of the virus. The situation with few physical contacts or even quarantine has an affect on the psyche and can cause stress and many other negative feelings. To cope with all this, the psychologist Raimund Alber of Ärzte ohne Grenzen offers the following tips: 1) Allow emotions like anger, frustration or hopelessness. 2) Sleep well and switch off at least one hour before going to bed and do something relaxing. 3) Just a little exercise, e.g. sports at home or a walk in nature, can help to reduce restlessness. 4) Remember difficult times and bad experiences that you have mastered in your life, this will give you a positive push and strength. 5) If you feel alone, ask for help – from trustworthy and professional counselling centres.

Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL; Wolfgang Sannwald.

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