Refusing to wear a mask will result in a fine

Students from grade five and up in Baden-Württemberg must wear a mask outside of the classroom after the summer vacation. This applies in the hallways, in the auditorium, in the school yard and on the toilet. Anyone who does not adhere to the new rules will be fined. The fines are between 25 and 250 euros. The standard fine is 35 euros. This info is from the new “catalog of fines for administrative offenses” from the state government. The public order office oversees violations. For people who do not wear a mask in places like markets and shops, fines will… Read More

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غرامة مالية لمن يرفض ارتداء الكمامة في المدارس

يجب على طلاب الصف الخامس فما فوق ارتداء الكمامات خارج الفصل بعد العطلة الصيفية في بادن فورتمبيرغ. وذلك في الممرات، في القاعة، في ساحة المدرسة وفي الحمامات.  كل من لا يلتزم بالقواعد الجديدة سيترتب عليه غرامة مالية يمكن أن تكون ما بين 25 و 25 يورو، وغالباً ما يكون قدرها 35 يورو. صدرت هذه القوانين في “قائمة غرامات المخالفات الإدارية” الجديدة لحكومة المقاطعة.  من المفترض أن يقوم مكتب النظام العام بمراقبة الانتهاكات.  بالنسبة للأشخاص الذين لا يرتدون الكمامة في المتاجر على سبيل المثال، سيصبح الأمر أكثر تكلفة وسيتعين على المخالفين الآن دفع غرامة قدرها 50 يورو بدلاً من 25 يورو. … Read More

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Car racing prohibited

The public roads in Germany are used by many different people: pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, buses, trucks and more. There are laws and rules to ensure that everything works smoothly. The laws dictate who can travel where, how and at what speed. The main purpose of this is to keep traffic flowing, avoid accidents and protect everyone’s life. These laws include the ban of illegal car racing, a topic of recent interest in the media. Anyone who organizes or takes part in such races, risks their own life or that of others. Furthermore, there are also severe penalties for this:… Read More

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Warning day in Germany

Starting this year, the nationwide warning day will take place in Germany. From now on, this will happen each year on the second Thursday in September. This falls on September 10th at 11 a.m. in 2020. Warning days and “siren tests” such as this used to happen regularly, but lately only North Rhine-Westphalia had been doing them. On this warning day, the sirens will sound everywhere, loudspeaker trucks will send messages, radio, television and social media will send information and emergency apps such as the NINA app will send push messages. The aim of these measures is to familiarize people… Read More

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