No common EU asylum policy, even through German EU Council Presidency

By Salwa Saada and Michael Seifert In July 2020, Germany took over the EU Council Presidency and thus the chairmanship of the EU negotiations at ministerial level. Right at the beginning, the Federal Minister of the Interior formulated the most important goals in refugee policy: reforming the European asylum system by means of a common asylum policy, creating EU centres for the reception of refugees in the countries of arrival with external borders and rapid examination of applications there, binding distribution quota to all EU countries. The corona-crisis and the consequently closed borders prevented all negotiations on the implementation of… Read More

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International Body Language

By Reem Al Sagheer and Natalie Hekmat Body language often accompanies us unconsciously through life. We learn body language, especially gestures and facial expressions, from our parents and fellow human beings. However, there are mannerisms in every culture, many of which differ. This can lead to intercultural misunderstandings. A shake of the head, for example, can be understood as approval in some countries and as rejection in others. In Pakistan, Bulgaria and India, a shake of the head means approval. On the other hand, in other countries such as Germany or Syria, it marks a rejection. A thumbs up can… Read More

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Winter road clearance in Tübingen

The city of Tübingen clears public roads during the winter season based on the need and urgency. However, private and business households are obliged to clear the sidewalks themselves. In case of slippery snow and ice, grit must be put down. This applies to all paths and areas with public pedestrian traffic adjacent to the property. In most cases, tenants and leaseholders must fulfill this obligation, not homeowners. More precise details are usually specified in the house rules in the rental agreements. According to the city of Tübingen, all surfaces must be cleared and gritted by 7.30 a.m. on weekdays… Read More

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