Caution against fraud via SMS

During corona, many people order goods over the internet. Fraudsters exploit this. They send links about the shipping of packages via the short messaging system (SMS). These links lead to fake websites. This way, the criminals want to spread malware or gain access to sensible data, such as passwords or credit card numbers. This is called smishing, a composition of SMS and phishing. Internet specialists from the police advice: under no circumstances click on unknown links or files and don’t install unfamiliar apps on the smartphone. Furthermore, the SMS should be deleted. If users click on the link, they should immediately put their phone into flight modus and inform their cellphone provider. The police show in a video how to uninstall the fraudsters’ app on android-phones:


Viele Internetbetrüger versenden Phishing-Links via SMS oder in sozialen Medien. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.

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