German ID cards for naturalized persons

Of the people who have fled to Germany since 2014, some now have German citizenship. If you have the naturalization certificate, you must apply for a German identity card or a German passport. The town hall / citizens’ office of the place of residence is responsible for this.

In addition to the naturalization certificate, the passport authorities there require an original translated and authenticated birth certificate. These can be issued by an embassy or a German consulate in the country of birth of the naturalized person. With the birth certificate, people prove their identity. Identity has already been checked in the asylum procedure and during naturalization. But for the identity documents, the passport authority is instructed by the Ministry of Interior affairs to check the passport application more strictly. The reason for this is that in the Asylum procedures sometimes falsified documents may have been presented.

A particular problem arises for Syrian refugees after naturalization, as there is no German embassy in Syria due to the war. Legalization must therefore be carried out by the German embassy in Beirut (Lebanon), where the documents must be sent by post. It is important that the Syrian Foreign Ministry in Damascus has certified the birth certificate. Most of the refugees already had to obtain this so-called over-authentication for their asylum procedure.
German authorities also mention the possibility of having the legalization carried out by the Syrian embassy in Berlin. Syrian refugees have reported to tünews INTERNATIONAL, however, that these attempts have not led to any result.

The route via the German embassy in Lebanon can currently take several months. Therefore, one should apply for a temporary identity card. All newly naturalized persons are entitled to this.

Further information on applying for an identity card and passport can be found at

Tünews INTERNATIONAL has a series with important information on the subject of naturalization



Viele Menschen, die seit 2014 nach Deutschland geflüchtet sind, können sich in Deutschland einbürgern lassen. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Kerstin Markl.

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