On common paths

By Uwe Gieseler

At the end of this year’s Intercultural Week, numerous children and adults as well as locals and migrants gathered on Platanenallee in Tübingen with their self-painted colorful stones. Under the motto “#offengeht”, the working group for the Intercultural Week had organized the stone action. The preparation group was enthusiastic about the great response and the creative work of so many different people who participated from kindergartens, groups, districts, associations or as individuals. The refugee officer of the Tübingen district Hanna Hahn explained: “The diversely designed stones symbolize the diversity of society and at the same time stand for the biographies and life paths of migrants and refugees.” She said that the Intercultural Week is always about thinking about “who we are, who is being heard and what degree of social openness we allow ourselves”. The numerous small works of art were gathered together and then reassembled into branching, winding, wide and narrow paths. In this way, the jointly built paths became a picture that invited those present to linger and engage in conversations and encounters.


Die bemalten Steine sind Symbole für eine vielfältige Gesellschaft. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.

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