Stricter corona rules: An increasingly applicable 2G plus test

Baden-Württemberg is tightening the Corona rules again. Starting from Saturday, December 4th. In many areas, unvaccinated persons are not allowed inside. In some areas, the vaccinated and recovered also need a negative Corona test (2G plus). Only vaccinated and recovered people who have received booster vaccines do not have to take tests. The reason for the intensification is the continued increase in Corona infections and the burden on hospital intensive care units.

The new rules in detail:

Strict contact rules apply to the unvaccinated. Here, a household may continue to meet with no more than one other person. Not counted are vaccinated, recovered, people under 17 and anyone who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons.

In the retail sector, 2G applies. This means that only vaccinated and recovered persons are allowed to enter places like clothing stores. Exceptions are made for stores that sell everyday necessities, such as supermarkets, pharmacies and drugstores.

In the food service industry, those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered also need a Corona rapid test (2G plus). However, takeaway food and drinks may still be purchased without this.

Christmas markets, city and folk festivals are all strictly prohibited.

In theaters, concerts, cinemas, club and sporting events, only 50 percent of the seats may be occupied – up to a maximum of 750 spectators in total. This also applies, for example, to Bundesliga soccer matches in Baden-Württemberg.

Discos and clubs will have to close.

In cultural and recreational facilities, from museums and amusement parks to gyms and ski lifts, access is now restricted to the vaccinated and the recovered who have passed a Corona rapid test (2G plus).

Cities and municipalities are allowed to ban the sale of alcohol to go and consumption in city centers and in places where many people spend long periods of time.

There will be no fireworks on New Year’s Eve this year either. It is prohibited nationwide to sell firecrackers and fireworks.

More at „Aktuelle Änderungen der Corona-Verordnung“ (Recent Changes to the Corona Ordinance).


Die Tübinger Neckarinsel im Winter. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Oula Mahfouz.

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