A tax against waste in Tübingen

The city of Tübingen wants to reduce the amount of waste from “to go” or “take away” packaging. The reasons: Overflowing public rubbish bins do not look nice. In addition, the city has to spend a lot of money for the disposal of the waste. That is why it is introducing a packaging tax on 1 January 2022. Shops such as snack bars, cafés, bakeries and petrol stations will have to pay it if they offer food and drinks that are consumed immediately or taken away. For disposable cans, coffee cups or bowls for French fries, the sellers will have to pay 50 cents per piece, for disposable cutlery, ice-cream spoons or drinking straws 20 cents. A maximum of 1.50 euros may be charged for a meal (food and drink). No tax has to be paid for reusable packaging. The new tax may lead to price increases for customers. “The tax may be refinanced through the sales price of the food and drinks.” This is what the city writes on its homepage.

For more information see www.tuebingen.de/verpackungssteuer


Ab 1. Januar 2022 gilt in Tübingen eine Steuer auf Einwegverpackungen für “to go”-Speisen und -Getränke. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.

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