Baden-Württemberg relaxes Corona regulations

Unvaccinated people regain more freedom with the new Corona regulation. This applies from Wednesday, 23 February, to leisure, gastronomy and so-called body-related services. There are no longer any restrictions on physiotherapy. In cosmetic or tattoo studios, the current warning level is still 3-G, i.e. vaccinated, recovered or currently tested negative. 3-G also applies to the catering industry—outdoors and indoors. Vaccinated, recovered and currently tested persons may now also visit fitness studios, museums, libraries or zoos. Clubs and discotheques, which are allowed to reopen, have stricter requirements. However, there the vaccinated, boostered and recovered also need a current negative Corona test.

There are no more access restrictions in the retail sector. In general, however, masks are still compulsory in closed rooms. Persons 18 years and older must wear an FFP2 mask.

For vaccinated and recovered persons, contact restrictions are waived at private meetings. If unvaccinated people are also present in the current warning level, a household may only meet with ten other people. Vaccinated and recovered people, as well as children up to and including 13 years of age and people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, do not count.

A maximum of 6000 spectators are now allowed to attend sporting events indoors, and no more than 25,000 outdoors. Unvaccinated people need a recent negative test.

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Ein Cafeladen im Außenbreich.Foto:tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian

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