Fake calls in the name of Europol or Interpol

Currently, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) warns against fraudsters who pretend to be employees of Europol, the police or Interpol on the phone. Victims receive a call in which a computer voice explains a fake scenario, such as that the personal passport ID has been stolen and is related to a crime. This is followed by a request to press 1. Subsequently, a person answers, asking for sensitive data or even requesting money transfers. Europol explicitly writes on its homepage that it does not call people. The BKA writes that police authorities do not request money transfers over the phone. Affected persons should under no circumstances pass on personal data or transfer money, but hang up immediately. According to the Erlangen police station, the scammers work with automatically generated telephone numbers, so reporting the telephone number is not helpful. Anyone who has transferred money or transmitted data should nevertheless file a criminal complaint with the local police authority, according to the BKA’s recommendation.
More information: https://www.polizei-beratung.de/startseite-und-aktionen/aktuelles/detailansicht/telefonbetrug-im-namen-von-europol-oder-interpol/

Viele Internetbetrüger versenden Phishing-Links via SMS oder in sozialen Medien. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.



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