Buy tickets again: Buses and trains after the 9-euro ticket

September 1st will mark the end of the nine-euro ticket. Therefore, all passengers of buses and trains will have to buy a ticket again before departing. For refugees from Ukraine, there will be no more returning fees for local transport fares. The Association of German Transport Companies had already announced this in May.
The cheapest way to get a ticket in Tübingen is for owners of the KreisBonusCard: they can buy a monthly pass for the TüBus for 15 euros. Alternatively, there are discounted tickets for four; Four tickets then cost only 5.20 euros, for children 2.60 euros. The pupil’s monthly ticket can be obtained for 10 euros. ( Rottenburg offers twelve vouchers for half-priced day tickets as well as a 50 percent discount on monthly student tickets. (
For single trips, the “TüBus” in Tübingen is free again on Saturdays. One-way tickets for the bus are available from vending machines on the bus or at the bus stations: They cost 2.60 euros in city traffic. If you want to take the train to Reutlingen or Rottenburg, you should pay 3.80 euros for passing two different areas (Waben), with a ticket from the Naldo transport association. In both cases, day tickets are available (4.60 euros in Tübingen, 6.40 euros in the Naldo tariff for two “Waben”). With an adult, four children under the age of six travel free. Up to the age of 14, there are special children’s fares in the Naldo network. It should be noted that from the age of 15, one is considered an adult on Naldo. (


Wer mit Bus und Bahn ohne Ticket fährt, muss mit einer Geldstrafe rechnen. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.

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