What Elif and Omar Ali experienced in temporary work

By Brigitte Gisel Opportunities and risks of temporary work. What rules apply and where to get information. Elif (name changed) is not well disposed towards his former temporary employment agency. “When I returned to work after my corona illness, the shift supervisor sent me home,” says the young Afghan. He was told that the company wanted to make sure that Elif would not infect anyone despite the negative tests. The young Afghan did as he was told, but at the end of the month, three days were suddenly missing from his pay slip. When he asked about it, he was… Read More

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نحوه رسمی شدن مدارک تحصیلی

تقریباً هر مهاجری با این مشکل مواجه است که باید گواهی پایان تحصیل، تحصیلات یا مدرک دانشگاهی آنها در آلمان به رسمیت شناخته شود. موسسات مختلفی برای این کار وجود دارد. برای مدارک تحصیلی (مدرسه متوسطه پایین، مدرک ورودی آموزش عالی عمومی یا مرتبط با موضوع) میتوانید با دفاتر تشخیص گواهی ایالت ها یا دانشگاه های فدرال تماس بگیرید. در بادن–وورتمبرگ این دفتر در اشتوتگارت است: https://rp.baden-wuerttemberg.de/rps/abt7/zeugnisankennungsstelle/ با اینحال، تنها درجه بندی برای مدارکی وجود دارد که برای شروع آموزش حرفه ای یا درخواست برای یک دانشگاه لازم است. شما میتوانید در صفحات «شناسایی یاب» در https://www.arbeitsagentur.de/weiterleitung/1463059436145 و https://www.arbeitsagentur.de/weiterleitung/147781932، متوجه… Read More

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Online job search at the employment agency

A reliable portal for independent job search is offered by the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit). On the official homepage, individual job offers can be searched for with just a few clicks. The search engine can filter job offers according to a specific occupational field or profession. However, the search can also be narrowed down to a specific city or state. In addition, one can select the desired work format: Full-time or part-time work, online jobs, mini-jobs or work on weekends or night shifts. The portal is presented in German, English and Arabic. For other languages, the automatic translation… Read More

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Superstition: Hospitality

According to the definition of the online Duden dictionary, superstition is “a belief in the effectiveness of supernatural forces in certain people and things that are viewed as erroneous”. These include sayings, symbols, and rituals that are used in everyday life. The content differs depending on the culture, and even the region. By the tünews INTERNATIONAL’s editors, we have compiled the following examples from Afghanistan, Syria, and Germany: Many sayings and divinations revolve around hospitality in Arabian and Persian-speaking countries. For example, if a Syrian’s eye blinks, then he hurries to tidy up the home because an important or dear… Read More

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