Mobile statewide with youth ticket

As of March 1, there will be a youth ticket in Baden-Württemberg. It costs 365 euros a year. For one euro a day, young people can travel around the clock on buses and trains on public transport throughout Baden-Württemberg. The prerequisite is that they live in Baden-Württemberg or their school is there.
Children and young people under the age of 21, as well as schoolchildren, students, trainees under the age of 27 and young people doing voluntary service, can buy the ticket. One advantage is that this ticket can be used on all local trains—not ICE or IC or long-distance buses—as well as local public transport—including streetcars and buses.
The Youth Ticket is available on the Internet and from the transport associations—for example Naldo—only as an annual ticket. It can be paid for as an annual ticket all at once or on a monthly subscription basis. After one year, it can be canceled monthly. The ticket ends when the requirements such as age (21 or 27 years) cease to apply or the training or voluntary service is completed.
Young people who already have a public transport subscription usually receive an e-mail or letter from their transport association. The letter informs them about the changeover. For some, the change to the youth ticket is automatic, for others it has to be applied for.
Answers to frequently asked questions at:
Regulations in the Naldo transport association:


Jugendticket für Baden-Württemberg. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.





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