High energy costs: help in cases of hardship

Tübingen residents who are threatened by poverty can get financial help. It is about their energy costs—especially back payments for heating and electricity. Single people can get a one-time grant of 600 euros, households with several people can get up to 1000 euros. The subsidy depends on the energy costs and the personal financial circumstances of those seeking assistance, but is independent of the energy supplier. Financial assistance is available if income is below certain limits, if there are hardly any assets and no other state benefits are possible. The city and the Stadtwerke Tübingen have created a hardship fund with up to 250,000 euros.
Applications are possible as of now. There are various offices that advise those seeking help and check their applications. These are the social counseling at the Diakonisches Werk and Caritas, the district offices Waldhäuser-Ost and Weststadt, the district centers Brückenhaus and NaSe, the counseling center for the elderly, the Tübinger Arbeitslosenentreff, the Aidshilfe, the Asylzentrum, the municipal department for assistance for refugees and the association of single mothers and fathers.
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Reduzierter Stromverbrauch spart Geld. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.






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