Volunteer experience with refugee aid

“What did you personally experience during your volunteer work for refugees?” The volunteer coordinators in the Tübingen district and the readers of tünews INTERNATIONAL are looking for responses to this question. People who have been involved in supporters or otherwise between 2015 and today are invited to write down experiences from their volunteer work and send them to the refugee officer of the district of Tübingen, Hanna Hahn. She reports that she has already received “wonderful gems”, from somber reports to very colorful stories. Tünews INTERNATIONAL plans to publish the contributions in a special magazine. In addition, the volunteer coordinators are planning a public presentation as soon as such events are possible again. “Our aim is to make volunteer refugee work visible,” says Hanna Hahn. In her work she has heard experiences again and again that “prove great personal commitment” and “enriching experiences”. Some have “plainly encouraged” while others “raised more questions”. If you do not want to write your experience yourself, but prefer to tell it orally, you can do that too. Upon request, an auxiliary author will write down the story. Contact: Hanna_hahn@hotmail.com


Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL; Mostafa Elyasian, 26.05.2020

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