About bulbs and grapes

There are customers who approach Mohammad at the vegetable stall and want to buy 500 grams of celery. He asks: Would you like a bulb? A big or a small one? He has been selling vegetables and fruits for four years now and still wonders: People don’t know the “package size”. It is important to understand one another. Because of this, it is also important how one says something. At his home in Afghanistan, one has to say exactly what they want at the vegetable seller: A bulb of garlic, not a piece; you ask for a stick or a bulb of celery and for the head of a lettuce. It is a bit more complicated with grapes: There are a bunch of them at once. What would Mohammad give to someone who orders one grape? And what about potatoes? Is it better to order ten bulbs or one kilogram?


Eine Knolle Knoblauch. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mohammad Momand.

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