Administrative issues? – Call 115!

How do I apply for a child passport? Am I entitled to money to support caring for others? These and many other questions arise when something changes in life and you must submit documents or applications to the authorities. It is often very time-consuming to find the right information about procedures and deadlines as well as legal claims on the Internet. That is why there is the public helpline number: 115. If, for example, questions arise about care, parenthood, moving, studying or other administrative needs, you can call 115 and the staff will give you the answers. For this purpose, local authorities, state authorities and the entire federal administration provide information about administrative procedures and what must be done. This helpline provides reliable information. The number is available from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6pm. The service of 115 is free of charge, but there may be costs due to one’s telephone contract. In addition, 115 offers a sign language phone, where deaf and hearing-impaired people can get information as well.

More information about the public number 115 and its services:

For the sign language telephone:


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