Beware of fraudulent SMS

There is a new wave of fraud on smartphones right now. Criminals are trying to spread harmful apps via SMS. “Be careful if you receive a ‘New voicemail’ SMS with a link behind it!”, says the consumer advice centre. Sometimes the scammers also write “You have a missed call”. Under no circumstances should the links in these messages be tapped. A new app is supposed to be installed via the links. In this way, the scammers can steal data on the mobile phone, for example. This scam is called smishing – from SMS and phishing. The consumer advice centre provides detailed tips against smishing on its homepage. The site also explains how to recognise genuine SMS, how users can protect themselves from damage caused by fake SMS and what they should do if they have opened a link.

To access the information page, search for “Verbraucherzentrale” and “Smishing”.


Viele Internetbetrüger versenden Phishing-Links via SMS oder in sozialen Medien. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.

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