Kids in the lecture hall

The University of Tübingen is offering the Children’s University again this year, a series of lectures for children between the ages of 7 and 12. The events will take place on May 9, 16 and 23, as well as June 13 and 20, always at 5 p.m. in Lecture Hall 25 (Kupferbau, Hölderlinstraße 5). On May 9, for example, the topic will be “Why are journalists not allowed to lie?”; on May 16, “Why do some children get good grades and others don’t?”; and on June 20, “Why does the moon always look different?” Registration is not necessary. Parents may… Read More

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Translate websites automatically

Many people who search for information on the Internet have to translate foreign sites in the process. This is especially true for people from Ukraine who were forced to leave their homeland and do not speak the language of the country they currently live in. However, to translate, for example, a German website into your own language, you do not have to speak German. The browsers of smartphone, tablet or laptop have a function that automatically translates texts. This applies to all popular browsers such as Safari or Google Chrome. To do this, call up the “Translate website/page” option in… Read More

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The sewing workshop starts again

Women of all nationalities can again sew together and get into conversation. The workshop in the neighboring house of the project Passerelle (Hechinger Straße 94) opens from Tuesday, April 25, every Tuesday from 9:30 to 12:30. The offer is free of charge. Sewing machines and fabrics will be provided. Course instructor Aicha Outaggarts will support the seamstresses with instructions. Coffee, tea and pastries are available on a donation basis. tun23041802 Löcher oder Änderungen kann man auch selbst nähen. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Linda Kreuzer 001963  3,261 total views

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Strikes allowed—but only according to fixed rules

Whenever there are no trains running in Germany, the city buses stay in the garage and the drivers demonstrate for higher wages on the streets, the question always arises: Are they actually allowed to do that? They are allowed to, because the right to strike is guaranteed in Germany with reference to the Basic Law. However, this presupposes that rules are observed. Only those who have been called on to strike by the relevant trade union may do so. And unions may only call strikes in the context of current wage disputes. Political strikes or even a general strike are… Read More

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Improving educational opportunities for immigrant families

The Tübingen Intercultural Network for Parents’ Education (INET for short) will receive a total of 25,398 euros in funding from the state for its “INET in Kitas” project in 2023 and 2024. The state Ministry for Social Affairs, Health and Integration has already funded this project in 2021 and 2022. The INET network was founded in 2010. It aims to “improve educational and participation opportunities for migrant people.” More than 160 volunteers work with INET. One of them is Oula Mahfouz, an editorial member of tünews INTERNATIONAL. Oula Mahfouz knows both sides of the education system. She was a teacher… Read More

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New services in diplomatic missions of Ukraine

Ukrainians who need marriage, divorce, birth or death certificates can now renew or amend them at Ukraine’s diplomatic missions abroad. This was decided by the Ukrainian government on January 24 this year. In addition, consular missions and embassies of Ukraine offer reissuance of state registration certificates and register extracts. Details can be found on the government portal website. Since many refugees have migrated to Europe through the Russian Federation, the government decided to make these changes to facilitate the return of Ukrainian citizens from currently occupied territories and third countries to Ukraine. Therefore, access to services in the field of… Read More

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Studying with a child

Many students have their own children, whom they raise and educate parallel to their studies. In order to ensure equal opportunities, universities offer a wide range of assistance, such as semesters off, facilitation of study organization, daycare services, and financial support. Students with children are also allowed to study longer than everyone else. They also receive BAföG for longer if they use it to finance their studies. If parents have a lot to do during the semester, they can also apply within their courses to have more flexible deadlines or attendances, for example. However, many universities not only pay attention… Read More

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Blood donations can save lives

After accidents or during operations, seriously injured or sick people need blood donations. Around 15,000 blood donations are needed every day in Germany, writes the German Red Cross (DRK). They save lives. How does a blood donation work? Before donating, you have to register. Those wishing to donate must bring a valid ID with them. They should be at least 18 and no more than 65 years old. After that, important health data such as body temperature, blood pressure, pulse and hemoglobin level in the blood are determined. Those willing to donate then fill out a questionnaire about their health… Read More

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Resignation: initially no unemployment benefit

Anyone who wants to quit their job themselves should contact the Employment Agency beforehand. Then the employee can discuss everything with the agency’s specialists and register as a jobseeker after giving notice. Employees who give notice themselves must expect consequences. They receive a blocking period and no unemployment benefits during this blocking period. The blocking period usually lasts twelve weeks if the employee resigns without important reasons. Important reasons can be mobbing at work or sexual harassment at work. However, this must be proven. During the lockout period, the employment agency pays the contributions to health and long-term care insurance.… Read More

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Many Ukrainian cars need soon German numbers

Refugees from Ukraine who have brought their car with them must have it registered after one year. It then receives a German registration and a German license plate. A special regulation of the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV) had allowed a transition period of one year in spring 2022. So anyone who came to Germany in May of last year must now take care of registering their vehicle. It is possible, however, that there will be a new decision by the federal-state technical committee in May. Bavaria and also some other states – but not Baden-Württemberg –… Read More

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