Daycare centers and schools freed from corona tests

First the masks were dropped. Now the corona tests are now also omitted. After the Easter holidays, the pupils in Baden-Württemberg no longer have to be tested. The obligation to test also comes to an end for day care facilities and day care centers for children. This is what the Ministry of Education writes on its homepage. There are exceptions for special education and counseling centers and school kindergartens with a focus on mental and physical-motor development. There, testing will continue to be mandatory from Monday, April 25, until the summer holidays. Staff and students there have to be tested… Read More

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Reduced vaccination offer in the district

As the demand for vaccinations against the Corona virus in the district of Tübingen has dropped sharply, many of the vaccination facilities set up especially for this purpose are closing: – Alte Post Rottenburg, Poststraße 15: closed since March 25. – Tonnenhalle Mössingen, Löwensteinplatz 1: closed from Friday, April 1, last opening on March 31 from 2 to 6:30 p.m. – Alte Universitäts-Apotheke Tübingen, Röntgenweg 9: from April 1 until the end of April, reduced opening hours from Thursday to Saturday, 1:30 to 7:30 p.m. As of May 1, all pop-up vaccination centers of the district, the university hospital and… Read More

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Mask requirement ends with exceptions

Corona is not over. But in Baden-Württemberg, from Sunday, April 3, there will no longer be a mask requirement and 3G rules in most places. This was agreed by the state government on Tuesday. This means that masks will no longer have to be worn indoors in most cases. In addition, there are no more access restrictions. Even those who have not been vaccinated or tested can, for example, go into restaurants again. But there are still exceptions: Masks must still be worn on public transport, in clinics or doctors’ offices. The mask requirement also continues to apply, among other… Read More

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Test result suffices as proof for quarantine

Employees no longer need to go to the regulatory office for a quarantine certificate. A PCR or rapid test result from an official testing station is sufficient proof that employees infected with Corona have been in quarantine. Employees present this proof to their employer. The employer can then apply to the state for loss of earnings. The regional council is responsible for this. Previously, the employer needed a certificate of isolation from the Ordnungsamt for this. If an employer does not accept the test certificate but requires the certificate, the Ordnungsamt will continue to issue this certificate. This writes the… Read More

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Final exams at schools: more time and additional tasks

The final exams at schools are running a little differently this year, too. The reason is the Corona pandemic. The total time for completing the tasks will be extended. In addition, graduates can choose among additional exam tasks. The Ministry of Education assures students “fair conditions this year as well,” said Minister Theresa Schopper in a Ministry press release. In concrete terms, this means that for exams with a total working time of 180 minutes or more, there will be an additional 30 minutes. If the total working time is shorter, 15 minutes extra are added. However, this does not… Read More

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Sick leave on the phone extended until May 31

Patients with a mild cold can already take sick leave over the phone. This possibility is extended because of the continuing Corona infection danger by two months to 31. May. This was decided by the joint committee of physicians, health insurance companies and hospitals, as it now announced. Physicians in private practice must personally convince themselves of the patient’s condition by means of an in-depth telephone interview. Sick leave over the phone for minor upper respiratory illnesses is possible for up to seven days. It may be extended by telephone for an additional seven days. This special regulation is intended… Read More

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Private meetings possible indefinitely / Mask and 3G still apply

The Bundestag and Bundesrat have passed a new Infection Protection Act with relaxations. Baden-Württemberg will only partially adopt them. Here, some stricter rules continue to apply from Saturday, March 19th, up to and including Saturday, April 2nd. The most important changes: At private gatherings such as birthday or wedding parties, there is no longer a limit on the number of guests. For public events such as soccer matches or concerts, the audience restrictions will be dropped as well. The FFP2 mask requirement will continue to apply in enclosed spaces such as restaurants, gyms and public transport for people over the… Read More

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Corona information in Ukrainian

Refugees from Ukraine can get vaccinated against Corona free of charge. On the website, information about vaccination is available in Ukrainian. This was announced by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Integration in a press release on March 11, 2022. Further news on Ukraine: tun22031401 Am Festplatz in Tübingen gibt es eine Corona-Test-Station. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian. Latest information on Corona: Click here  2,752 total views,  1 views today

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Wie man ein Genesenen-Zertifikat bekommt

Wer an dem Coronavirus erkrankt und wieder genesen ist, kann sich ein Zertifikat ausstellen lassen, das den Status als genesene Person nachweist. Ein Zertifikat erhält nur, wer die folgenden Kriterien des Robert-Koch Instituts (RKI) erfüllt: 1. Ein Labor muss die Infektion mit dem Coronavirus durch einen positiven PCR-Test bestätigen. Nachweise über positive Schnelltests werden nicht anerkannt. Wer in einem Testzentrum auf das Virus getestet wurde, erhält den Befund in aller Regel elektronisch als PDF. Wurde der Coronatest in einer hausärztlichen Praxis durchgeführt, liegt der positive Befund dort vor. Wichtig ist, dass der Name der getesteten Person und das Datum des… Read More

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Only two vaccination appointments left in Rottenburg and Mössingen / Tübingen reduces opening days

Two vaccination centres in Rottenburg and Mössingen will be closed in April. In the Alte Post in Rottenburg (Poststraße 15), vaccinations will only take place on Friday, 11 March, and on Friday, 25 March, both from 2 to 6.30 pm. The last vaccination dates in the Tonnenhalle in Mössingen (Löwensteinplatz 1) will be on Thursday, 17 March, and on Thursday, 31 March, both from 2 to 6.30 pm. On the other hand, vaccinations will also be given at the Mössingen Vaccination Centre near the town hall (with and without an appointment). Detailed information can be found at In Tübingen… Read More

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