Bookseller carrying out deliveries himself

Hermann Arndt-Riethmüller, a bookstore owner from Tübingen, delivered books to his customers personally on Saturday, 28 March. Many bookstores are relying on online business in times of corona shutdown. Once orders are received, the books have to reach the people who want them and Hermann makes that possible for his customers. While standing in the bright sunshine Hermann explains: “Whether I cycle through Schönbuch, or around here …”, it makes little difference to him. tun032801 Impressionen zum Leben in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie: Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL; Wolfgang Sannwald, 28.03.2020 Latest information on Corona: Click here  1,623 total views

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Start of Daylight saving time

Coming Sunday, 29.03.2020, the time will be changed in Germany. At 2 a.m. at night the time will be moved forward to 3 a.m. This will make the night an hour shorter.  The initial idea of changing time dates back to 1784, when the then American politician Benjamin Franklin allegedly considered this because he wanted to save up on candles. In Germany the time change was introduced in 1916.  2021 will, however, most likely be the end of time changes in the EU countries. tun037203 Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL; Oula Mahfouz, 27.03.2020  5,509 total views,  2 views today

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Sport in the time of Corona

Due to the Corona crisis, many sporting activities can no longer be continued. Swimming pools, fitness studios and sports clubs are closed. A lack of exercise can have a negative impact on health. One solution is sport at home. If you need ideas for your own workout, you can use videos on YouTube or from fitness portals. Some of the closed gyms also upload videos. There are also free fitness apps. You can find everything from yoga to strength training. There is also the option of jogging, walking and walking in the fresh air alone or in pairs. tun032403 Impressionen… Read More

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Learn German online for free

The language courses in most language schools have been cancelled until after Easter. If you want, you can still continue to learn German – online for free. We have found three offers which are clearly structured and diverse. The radio station Deutsche Welle offers, among other things, courses up to level C, a training program, slow-spoken messages, videos as well as exercises and videos for smartphones and tablets. All this can be found at: Interactive exercises for grammar, vocabulary and those that are appropriate for all kinds of textbooks including audio exercises are available at: Would you like… Read More

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Solidarity in difficult times

By Hakan Demir We have been reading the news about the Corona virus for days. Right from the start, we follow the news every day, with growing and more careful eyes. What happened first in China and then in Italy was very difficult for all of us to forget. In this difficult time frame, however, important steps can be taken instead of waiting at home with fear: SOLIDARITY. Solidarity is one of the most important building blocks for people with different backgrounds in order to live together and to maintain the existence of a country. What happened in China and… Read More

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A taste of home

Theatre A taste of home By Reem Al Sagheer   “Home is where you have your Kartoffelsalat”: The theme of an event at the theatre festival of the Landestheater Tübingen (LTT) on Saturday evening, 14th September, was the concept of “home”. The smell of oriental food attracted more than 50 people. In the theatre hall, there stood a stove along with a few hot plates. Five cooks from Syria, Afghanistan and Switzerland fried fish, chicken, flat bread and sausages. In a pot lentils were cooked for “Mjadara”, a Syrian speciality with bulgur, lentils, onions and olive oil. The director Twyla… Read More

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Fishing in Germany By Sameer Ibrahim

What is needed to fish in Germany? – Anyone who would like to fish in Germany usually needs a fishing license. That’s the most common way. You can apply for it at the municipality. You have to attend a fishing seminary and then complete the theoretical and practical fishing test. The theoretical fishing test usually consists of a questionnaire about fishing. It includes, for example, questions on fish science, hydrology, fishkeeping and water management, fishing gear and fishing methods, the treatment of captive fish and any legislation. If you passed the test successfully, you usually get the result on the… Read More

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