Without mask, no entry and no driving lessons

Every day in Baden-Württemberg, people contract the coronavirus. Again, and again patients die of Covid-19. That is why the state government is tightening the corona ordinance and extending it until November 30th. These changes will take effect Wednesday, September 30th: Guests in restaurants, pubs and bars must wear a mask when they are not sitting in their seats – for example, on their way to the table, to the toilet or to a buffet. The mask obligation also applies in closed rooms and in the waiting area of amusement parks and amusement facilities. Anyone not wearing a mask is not… Read More

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Checklists for everyday life

The „Verbraucherzentrale“, consumer center, offers support for everyday life. With 11 different checklists on topics like housing, mobile communication, and insurance, they answer the most important questions on these topics. The center seeks to help people move more easily through their everyday life. Most checklists are available in German, English, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, and Farsi. They can be downloaded at the website for the Verbraucherzentrale Baden-Württemberg. Link to the checklists:  1,146 total views

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Rent deposit

Somebody who signs a lease and moves into a new apartment often has to pay a rent deposit to the landlord. The rent deposit is a security for the landlord. If the tenant in the apartment or in the house destroys something, the landlord can repair the damage with the money of the deposit. How much the person has to pay for the deposit, is in the lease. The rent deposit may not be higher than the rent for three months. The person has to pay the deposit right when moving in. You can also pay in installments, but this… Read More

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