Help not permitted

Work on the assembly line is tough. Many people in Germany work in the low-cost sector, for example in packaging, in the warehouse or in the production of large companies. Those who are employed by a temporary employment agency often have to to jobs like these. Sameer from Iraq is one of them. He reports that many employees suffer from the working conditions. “Without energy drinks, most of them cannot do their work at this pace.“ For bosses, what counts above all is to manage the workload in the allotted time. “You really have to step on it” – he often heard this sentence. Sameer knows: If he does not get the job done, someone else gets his place. That’s why he tries hard. Once he observed that one of his German colleagues couldn’t handle the many parcels and helped him. But the boss didn’t like it: “He has to do it alone.” Sameer is happy when he can go home in the evening.

Eine Baustelle. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.

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