In schools, the mask may fall at the seat

The obligation to wear a mask at schools in Baden-Württemberg will be relaxed somewhat. As of Monday, 18 October, pupils will no longer have to wear a mask when sitting at their seat. Minister of Education Theresa Schopper justified the change, among other arguments, as follows: Masks make communication more difficult and are an obstacle when learning language. The children also need to see facial expressions. In addition, the current infection figures in Baden-Wuerttemberg at the schools allowed for another preliminary step towards normality, the Ministry of Education said. But everywhere else in the school building, pupils still have to wear a mask and take three rapid tests or two PCR tests per week. The relaxed rule is withdrawn for the so-called alert level under the Corona Ordinance. The alert level applies when 390 Corona patients are treated in intensive care units nationwide. Students who test positive for Corona will still have to be quarantined. Their classmates will be tested daily for five school days. They also have to wear a mask again at their seats for five days.

More information as well as figures on Corona infections at schools can be found at „Maskenpflicht am Platz soll ab 18. Oktober gelockert werden“


Masken in der Schule. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Martin Klaus.

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