Paediatrician Zen Aldeen: Corona vaccines are important

The vaccines against the coronavirus are a „major bright spot” in the fight against the pandemic, explains paediatrician Ezdehar Zen Aldeen in a video interview with tünews INTERNATIONAL. Zen Aldeen, who is originally from Syria, arrived in Germany four years ago. She currently works as a vaccinator in the corona vaccination center in the District of Tübingen and received her own vaccination three months ago. People who get vaccinated lower their risk of an infection or a severe course of the infection considerably. But the vaccinations are also important for society as a whole, she said. If enough people are vaccinated, the virus cannot spread further. People who get vaccinated therefore also protect others, for example those who have immune deficiencies.

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Interview Wolfgang Sannwald with paediatrician Ezdehar Zen Aldeen on 4.5.2021


Mit Impfstoff befüllte Spritzen. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.

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