Longer children’s sick pay for parents

Because of the corona-pandemic, statutory insured employees have a claim to 20 instead of ten days of children’s sick pay per parent – therefore 40 days together. For single parents, this claim doubles from 20 to 40 days. This applies, if children under the age of twelve are sick and when the parents or single parents have to take care of them at home, because of the closed day care centers and schools. The Bundesrat has now also agreed to this, following the Bundestag. The claim to children’s sick pay applies retrospectively from the 5th of January, when Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier signed the law. The statutory health insurance pays 90 percent of the net earnings. Parents have to apply for the children’s sick pay with their health insurance. For this, some health insurances require a confirmation from the day care center or the school. Additionally, parents have to inform their employer if they can’t come to work, because they have to take care of their children at home due to the pandemic. 



Bild: Timo Klostermeier/pixelio.de

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