More companies are employing refugees

Many people who fled to Germany have found work. The Institute of the German Economy (IW) has published a study that shows that more companies than ever before are now employing and training people who fled to Germany. In Germany, for example, one in four companies (24 percent) has refugee employees, which means a total of 429,000 companies. Compared to 2016, the number has thus increased by one percent. The employees are more often unskilled workers than skilled workers and about every tenth company employs refugees within the scope of a dual training program. Companies cited lack of language skills and the high level of supervision as the main reasons why they do not employ fugitives. However, according to the study, employers who employ fugitives see enrichment in intercultural teams. Furthermore, the high level of commitment and work motivation of the refugees encourages companies to hire them on a long-term basis.

The complete study:


Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL; Mostafa Elyasian, 30.07.2020

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