More relaxations for children, culture and sports

Girls and boys can be happy. Starting Monday, June 7th, they can meet with more friends. Until now, meetings of ten people from three households, plus children of those households under the age of 14, were possible. Now, up to five more children from any number of households can join. This was announced by the Tübingen District Office in a press release. Because of this relaxation in the corona regulations, families can again celebrate their children’s birthdays. Less and less people are getting infected with the corona virus in the District of Tübingen. Consequently, the regulations are being relaxed in other areas as well. Restaurants and hookah lounges can open until 1 a.m. However, smoking can only be done outside. Gyms and yoga studios can open again. Theaters and cinemas also get more leeway: 500 audience members are allowed outside and 250 inside. A corona rapid test, proof of an overcome corona infection or of being fully vaccinated continues to be required. The compulsory registration for religious events is no longer necessary and all parishioners may sing again.

The fact remains: In Baden-Württemberg, schools start again with in-person learning. The test requirement remains. The school can certify negative tests. The certificate is valid for 60 hours, also outside of school. Beside outdoors, students can now also do sports inside the gym again.


Eine Geburtstagstorte. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Oula Mahfouz.

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