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Since May 6th tünews INTERNATIONAL reports on specific questions about vaccinations against the Corona virus. Within one month the published online reports were accessed 123,709 times. People from the Arabic-speaking world as well as Afghanistan and Iran in particular made use of the 16 contributions. Editors of tünews INTERNATIONAL had collected reservations and rumours about vaccination among refugees. A vaccinator from Iraq and a vaccinator from Syria provided information on these questions in interviews. Ezdehar Zen Aldeen is a paediatrician, Saif Afat is a radiologist, both work at Tübingen University Hospital. They are currently working at the vaccination centre of the district of Tübingen. Universities worldwide teach students largely the same methods and knowledge of medicine. Based on this standard, both provided information. They distinguished for themselves what they considered methodologically sound and what they could not or did not want to make predictions about. Reports on these interviews appeared in the four languages German, English, Arabic and Dari on www.tü The number of clicks on the internet shows that mainly people from Arab countries (35 %) and from Afghanistan (28 %) clicked on the messages concerning individual questions about vaccination. As the content is very much related to the German vaccination system, it can be assumed that there are many readers among former refugees from 2015 to 2021. Target group outreach is most evident in the reports by Dr Saif Afat on genetic modification, sustained reproductive capacity and the quality of vaccine. These found almost no German readers and yet are among the most requested vaccination information. The outreach of his statements was possibly also due to the relevance of the topics. The more specific the reservations and questions raised, the greater the interest in the interviews. This indicates that the questions collected from refugees led to appropriate questions for the experts. The fact that a longer cultural-historical article on the history of vaccination achieved the most hits seems to be a special effect. It attracted interest mainly in the German language. It is possible that this contribution opened up other groups of readers than the other contributions.


Bei der Impfung. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Somayeh Atefpour.

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