No more test requirement outdoors

Life is getting easier again. Starting Thursday, June 10th, new relaxations go into effect. Among others, a test for open-air events, outdoor gastronomy and outdoor pools and sports is no longer required. This was announced by the Tübingen District Office. Celebrations in restaurants can be with up to 50 people, both in- and outdoors. However, a test or proof of recovery or full vaccination is required for this. Up to 750 visitors can go to theaters, cinemas and outdoor concerts without a test. A test is also no longer required for a hairdresser appointment. The regulation that the gastronomy can open until 1 a.m. continues to apply. Private gatherings are possible for ten people from three households, their children, five more children as well as vaccinated and recovered people. The regulations for events held by churches and religious groups are also changing. Up to 500 people can participate in them. Up to 100 mourners can come to outdoor funerals. This was announced by the Ministry for Culture. If the number of new infections should rise again, these openings will be revoked.


Blumen verteilt auf dem Markt Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian

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