Ramadan in Covid conditions

For the second consecutive year, Muslims around the world fasted during the month of Ramadan under extraordinary circumstances due to the corona pandemic. However, this year was more difficult and sadder than the previous year. The effects of the coronavirus were stronger this year. They strongly influenced social life. Ramadan is known as a month of collective prayer in which Muslims gather in great numbers to perform tarawih (nightly prayers). These are customs and rituals that Muslims had to do without this year as well. Ramadan is a month in which the families usually gather at iftar (breaking the fast) and invite family members, friends, and relatives. This year gatherings and visits were again prohibited in many countries.

In Germany, for example, strict measures were imposed due to the increase in corona infections and the curfew. Most Muslim scholars in Germany cautioned against breaking the laws regarding the covid pandemic. In most mosques, tarawih prayers were cancelled or were only performed very shortly and under very strict conditions.


Das islamische Mondsichel-Symbol Hilal. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Oula Mahfouz.

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