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  • Almost 80 million people fled in 2019

    Almost 80 million people fled in 2019

    More and more people are leaving their homes because of wars or economic collapses. Almost 80 million people worldwide were displaced in 2019. That is about one percent of the entire world population. The number of refugees and displaced persons has almost doubled in the past ten years. Around 40 percent of the refugees in 2019 were children under the age of 18, according to the UN refugee agency UNHCR...
  • Secret Service prisons in Syria: The Shell

    Secret Service prisons in Syria: The Shell

    Some consider the novel "The Shell" to be the most important book for understanding Syria. It was published in German in 2019. The author, Mustafa Khalifa, describes his experiences of imprisonment in prisons of the Syrian secret services in the literary form of diary entries. He himself spent 12 years of his life in these prisons, four of them in the infamous desert prison of Tadmor. About 10,000 prisoners are...
  • Corona: Situation in Nigeria

    Corona: Situation in Nigeria

    By Bright Edosa Igbinovia Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa. The Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) in Abuja is leading the struggle against the Corona virus. The government of Nigeria has drawn consequences from the crisis of Ebola from 2014 and has improved their health care. The first confirmed case of the pandemic of “Coronavirus disease 2019” (Covid-19) in Nigeria was announced on the 27th February 2020....
  • Afghanistan: War, poverty and the pandemic
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    Afghanistan: War, poverty and the pandemic

    From Sajia Yarmal Afghanistan has been embroiled in devastating wars for many years now. People have suffered severe psychological hardships. Millions of people were killed or displaced. Taliban, the terrorist group that has claimed the lives of thousands of Afghans over the past ten years by claiming jihad and enforcing Islamic law, and has never allowed the Afghan people to live a prosperous life. The war continues and dozens of...
  • Corona in Syria
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    Corona in Syria

    By Salwa Saada and Feras Trayfi As of May 21st, according to the Syrian government reports, 58 cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed and 36 patients have recovered while three have died. Approximately 6,781 people are quarantined and 2,557 of them are under health control. Nobody can confirm the authenticity of these numbers. Many hospitals and healthcare facilities have been destroyed because of the nearly ten-year war, and the rest...
  • Albania: After the severe earthquake now Corona
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    Albania: After the severe earthquake now Corona

    By Michael Seifert Albania was one of the first countries in Europe to take drastic measures to combat the Corona virus in early March. A strict curfew completely paralyzed public life. Between 5 a.m. and 1 p.m. only one person per household could leave the house for a maximum of one hour to run important errands. To do this, you had to obtain police approval by SMS at least 24...
  • Amnesty: Targeted attacks on schools and clinics in Syria

    Amnesty: Targeted attacks on schools and clinics in Syria

    The human rights organization Amnesty International accuses Syrian and Russian troops of war crimes. They had targeted hospitals and schools in the northwest of the country, between May 2019 and February 2020. Amnesty wrote in the recently published report of at least 18 attacks, including two with barrel bombs. The report is based on more than 70 interviews with eyewitnesses, doctors, teachers, but also employees of the United Nations. Researchers...
  • Tübingen – I miss you, but I’m staying home
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    Tübingen – I miss you, but I’m staying home

    Today, after a long time and with a lot of longing, I visited Tübingen because of an important appointment. My feelings fluctuated between sadness and joy. I felt sad when I saw places that were full of pedestrians and visitors three weeks ago. Now they are frighteningly silent and empty, defying the bright sun that usually lured people out of their houses. At the same time, I'm happy that people...