Scammers steal with fake emails

You may receive e-mails promising shopping vouchers or prizes. Sometimes the emails ask recipients to take part in a survey to receive the prizes. Sometimes these mails appear to come from the online mail order company Amazon, from food companies such as Edeka, Rewe and Lidl, or even from the furniture store Ikea. Attention: These are fake e-mails. Internet scammers want to trick the recipients. Anyone who clicks on the link provided is led astray. The link leads to the website of data collectors who want to get hold of pins or passwords, for example. With this data, they can block a computer and only release it again for a ransom. Or they penetrate computers and use the address directory. Then they send out fake e-mails asking for financial help because someone has lost their passport and credit card on a trip, but the money ends up with the scammers. The consumer advice center is not the only one to be suspicious of these fake mails. In their experience, “not a day goes by without fraud” through phishing.

Further information is available at Frequently asked questions are also answered there – for example, what victims can do if they have opened a file attachment.

Many questions are also answered by the Federal Office for Information Security at – for example, “How do you protect yourself against phishing?”


Internetgauner nutzen alle Kanäle im Netz. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Martin Klaus.

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