Schools after the holidays: first distance teaching, then test requirement

In Baden-Württemberg, there will only be distance teaching after the easter holidays for now. This applies from Mondays, April 12th, until Friday, April 16th. The only exceptions are for graduating classes and special education and counselling centers. Graduating classes continue the rotation of in-person and remote teaching. There will be an emergency care for pupils between grades 1 to 7. However, it is only for children whose parents “are in urgent need of a caretaker,” as the Ministry of Culture writes. Rotating lessons for all grades are supposed to return on April 19th. However, this only applies if the number of infections with Covid-19 permits this. Starting April 12th, voluntary corona rapid test are supposed to be offered at schools. The test will be a requirement starting April 19th. Only pupils who were tested can then go to class or the emergency care. The in-person presence in class continues to not be a requirement in all types of schools. However, those who don’t go to school have to participate in distance learning.


Tübinger Schule. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.

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