Schools to start distance learning from January 11th

On January 11th, the Christmas break will end. The lockdown also applies to schools; however, children and teenagers will have classes. The Ministry of Cultural Affairs in Baden-Württemberg has announced that there are concepts for every type of school. During the time the school is closed, students in primary schools will learn with the material their school provides. This can either be analog or digital.

Students who are at least in grade 5 will receive distance teaching. If there is the necessary need to provide written evidence of their achievements, this can be done at school. Students in the graduating class can “additionally to the distance learning, get taught in in-person classes, if this is necessary for test preparations,” says the Ministry. Details are being communicated by the respective schools. The Minister of Cultural Affairs, Susanne Eisenmann, has a goal to reopen day care centers and schools in Baden-Württemberg by January 18th. Graduating classes will also receive in-person classes by the 18th again, if possible. Special needs schools who focus on mental development as well as physical and motor development will open on January 11th.


 Impressionen zum Leben in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie: Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL; Rahima Abdelhafid, 12.06.2020

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