Spicy chilies like in Afghanistan

“Is this spicy?” is a question many customers ask Mohammad when they are about to buy chilies. They are freshly available at the vegetable stall all year round. But spicy? Mohammad is from Afghanistan and has been an apprentice as a trained retail salesman in a vegetable market for four years now. He knows from back home what spicy means. There, about 70 percent of people eat truly spicy chilies for lunch and dinner. And if no fresh ones are available, they prepare dried ones. The chilies that Germans call “spicy” aren’t even available in stores in Afghanistan. The members of tünews INTERNATIONAL are only aware of one store in the Hechinger Straße in Tübingen, in which Mohammad and his colleagues can actually buy spicy chilies here.


Eine Seltenheit in Tübingen: richtig scharfe Peperoni. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mohammad Momand.

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