State election in Baden-Württemberg: The Green Party can choose coalition partner

The Green Party has won the state election in Baden-Württemberg. They improved to 32.7 percent statewide. So far, this is their best result: 2.4 percent more than during the state election five years ago. The CDU, the current coalition partner of the Green Party, got their worst result yet with only 23.8 percent. As a consequence to this defeat, Susanne Eisenmann, the leading CDU candidate and culture minister, wants to withdraw from politics. The SPD continued to also loose approval. They got 11.5 percent. This puts the, just ahead of the FDP, which improved to 10.4 percent. The Green Party will discuss a possible government coalition with these parties. They would continue to have the absolute majority with the CDU in the state parliament, however, they would also achieve it in a tripartite alliance with the SPD and FDP. They will have no negotiations with the AfD. Compared to 2016, the AfD lost considerably and got 9.8 percent of votes – a loss of 5.3 percent. There will be two representatives for the electoral district Tübingen in the new state parliament: Daniel Lede Abal (Green Party) as before and the new Dorothea Kliche-Behnke (SPD).


Im Stuttgarter Schloss sind Teile der Landesregierung untergebracht. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.

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