State loosens lockdown gradually

Baden-Württemberg wants to loosen the corona-regulations gradually. This was announced by governor Winfried Kretschmann in the state parliament on Friday. The openings are supposed to happen step by step. The first step will be in effect on Monday, March 8th. The benchmark is the so-called seven-days-incidence, which means the number of new infections with the corona-virus per 100.000 residents within a week. There will be more freedom in all counties, in which the incidence is below 100 on three consecutive days. Then, up to five adults plus children under the age of 14 from two households can meet again. Bookstores and hardware stores can open. Cosmetic treatments will be allowed as well, however, only after taking a corona rapid test.

Retail stores will only be accessible by appointment, as will be museums, zoos and botanical gardens. A maximum of five people from two households or a group of 20 children may exercise outdoors. If the incidence is below 50, the regulations will be loosened again: shopping or museum and zoo visits without an appointment as well as a maximum of ten adults exercising together outside. However, restaurants, cinemas and theaters will remain closed. Starting March 15th, fifth and sixth graders will be able to go back to school, the same as primary-school pupils. If the number of new infections within separate counties doesn’t cross the limit of 100 on three consecutive days within a week, there will be further relaxations on March 22nd at the earliest. According to Kretschmann, a significant higher number of people will get vaccinated and more test opportunities will be available at the beginning of April.


Bild: Maren/ Pixelio.

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