Syrian sentenced because of state torture

At the end of February 2021, the Koblenz Higher Regional Court has sentenced the 44-year-old Syrian Eyad A. to four and a half years imprisonment because of his involvement in torture in Syria. The court found the convict guilty of being complicit in a crime against humanity. Eyad A. fled to Germany, before that he worked for the Syrian secret service. The court saw it as proven that Eyad A. was involved in torture and false imprisonment. The detention period that the court decided on is slightly less than what the Federal Prosecution requested. The defense argued that Eyad A. had to fear for his life if he refused an order and that desertion would lead to his execution. The trial against Anwar R., the main defendant, continues. The trial attracts international attention, as it is the first criminal trial because of state torture in Syria worldwide. The basis for the verdict is the international criminal law. Because of it, German courts can pursue possible war crimes from foreigners in other countries. tünews INTERNATIONAL reported about the beginning of the trial on May 1st, 2020 ( The source for the current information is Markus Sehl with the Legal tribune online, an online magazine about legal questions.


Foto: WikimediaCommons/Holger Weinandt

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