Starting January 10th, more tests in schools

During the Christmas vacations, more students may have contracted the highly contagious Omicron virus – on vacation or at family gatherings. That’s why there will be more Corona tests in Baden-Württemberg after schools reopen on January 10th. Students are to take a quick test every day during the first week of school, starting Monday. This is stated in a letter from the Ministry of Education. Exceptions will be made for all students and teachers who have already received a booster vaccination. They do not have to get tested. Also, people who have recovered and have been vaccinated at least once… Read More

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Baden-Württemberg limits contacts in private meetings

The state government in Baden-Württemberg is tightening the Corona rules once again before Christmas. They will apply from Monday, December 20th. In the current alert level II, contacts will be further restricted: If a person who has not been vaccinated or has not recovered attends a private meeting, a household may now only meet with one person from another household. Children and youth under 18 are not counted. Contact restrictions also apply to vaccinated and recovered persons. A maximum of 50 people are allowed to meet indoors, and a maximum of 200 people are allowed to meet outdoors. Again, children… Read More

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Stricter corona rules: An increasingly applicable 2G plus test

Baden-Württemberg is tightening the Corona rules again. Starting from Saturday, December 4th. In many areas, unvaccinated persons are not allowed inside. In some areas, the vaccinated and recovered also need a negative Corona test (2G plus). Only vaccinated and recovered people who have received booster vaccines do not have to take tests. The reason for the intensification is the continued increase in Corona infections and the burden on hospital intensive care units. The new rules in detail: Strict contact rules apply to the unvaccinated. Here, a household may continue to meet with no more than one other person. Not counted… Read More

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Stricter rules for unvaccinated

Starting Wednesday, November 3rd, the warning level is in effect in Baden-Württemberg. It goes into effect when 250 or more corona patients are in intensive care within two consecutive working days statewide. Stricter rules apply for unvaccinated people during the warning level. One household can only meet with five other people. Vaccinated and recovered people, children and adolescents under 18, pregnant women as well as those who can’t get vaccinated due to medical reasons don’t count. Additionally, unvaccinated people need a negative PCR test in many closed rooms which is not older than 48 hours. Among these closed spaces are,… Read More

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Vaccination center Tübingen closed from October 1st

In the entire state of Baden-Württemberg, vaccination centers will be closed as of October 1, the Tübingen District Office announced in a press release. This also applies to the vaccination center Tübingen in the Old Archaeology, Wilhelmstraße 9. All vaccination appointments after October 1 are canceled without replacement, even if you have received a confirmation by e-mail. Therefore, anyone who has a vaccination appointment for the time after October 1 at a vaccination center has to have a new appointment arranged in a doctor’s office. Those who do not have a family doctor can search for medical practices in the… Read More

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Compulsory wearing of masks at schools continues/Three tests per week

Pupils in Baden-Württemberg must continue to wear masks. This was decided by the Ministry of Education. Actually, this rule was only supposed to apply for a fortnight after the summer holidays. Now the mask requirement has been extended indefinitely. In this way, the ministry wants to allow the in-person lessons to continue. However, there are exceptions: No masks have to be worn in physical education classes, in music classes if singing or playing a wind instrument there, when eating and drinking and during breaks outside. In addition, the current changes as of 27 September provide for pupils to have three… Read More

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New Corona rules: No compulsory vaccination—but restrictions for the unvaccinated

More than 90 percent of Corona patients in intensive care units in Baden-Württemberg are not vaccinated. This was stated by Baden-Württemberg’s Health Minister Manfred Lucha. According to the statistics of the Robert Koch Institute, it is especially the age group of 35 to 59 year-olds who are infected with the Corona virus, followed by 15 to 34 year-olds. With its new Corona regulation of Thursday, 16 September, the Baden-Württemberg state government wants to prevent an overload of the health system and motivate people to vaccinate. There is no compulsory vaccination. But the rules for the unvaccinated will be tightened considerably.… Read More

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Schulstart in Baden-Württemberg

Am kommenden Montag, 13. September, startet in Baden-Württemberg der Schulbetrieb für alle Schülerinnen und Schüler. In den ersten zwei Wochen wird in den Schulen Maskenpflicht gelten. Über weitere Corona-Regeln im Schulalltag und den Ablauf des Schuljahres informieren die Schulen die Eltern meist vorab per Post, E-Mail oder über die Schulhomepages. Diese gilt es ab dem ersten Schultag zu beachten. tun21090801 Aktuelle Informationen zu Corona: Hier klicken  2,979 total views,  1 views today

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Employment toleration for 30 months: The state government informs about the requirements

In the next few weeks, the state government of Baden-Württemberg will personally and actively inform approximately 10,000 people in a letter about the possibility of the “Beschäftigungsduldung”. These persons are “tolerated” and pursue employment. However, due to a negative asylum procedure, they are actually obliged to leave the country. When asked, Gunter Carra, deputy press spokesman of the Ministry of Justice and Migration Baden-Württemberg, told tünews INTERNATIONAL: “In this information letter, tolerated persons are informed about the requirements, the application and the necessary documents for an employment toleration. During this phase, deportation is suspended. After 30 months, there is the… Read More

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Whether hairdresser or the gym: unvaccinated people need corona tests

The state government of Baden-Württemberg has published the new Corona rules. They will apply from Monday, August 16th. There are no longer any restrictions for private meetings and celebrations. Masks are also no longer not required to be worn during these. However, the mask requirement still applies to all enclosed spaces such as stores. Everyone must also wear masks outdoors if they cannot maintain the minimum distance of 1.5 meters from other people. Children up to and including the age of five still do not need to wear a mask. Once school starts, students will have to wear masks in… Read More

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