One insurance for many legal cases

Legal disputes rapidly cost a lot of money. Legal expenses insurance supports insured persons in enforcing their claims. “It covers litigation costs up to agreed sum insured” according to the consumer advice centre. However, there are waiting periods. In most cases, the reason for a legal dispute may not lie until three months after the start of the contract. For whom is legal expenses insurance important? The consumer centre recommends, for example car drivers and tenants to consider whether legal expenses insurance makes sense for them personally and which one. And it advises checking the insurance conditions carefully – ideally… Read More

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We stick with the term “refugees”

The approximately 20 employees of tünews INTERNATIONAL expressed considerable unease about the term “refugees”. A workshop held in Bad Liebenzell from 6 to 8 December 2019 dealt with the future of the media project and the designation of the target group. The workshop in Bad Liebenzell was attended by members of the editorial staff who have come to Germany since 2015, four of them from Syria, one from Iraq, one from Iran and two from Afghanistan. The team also includes people who have lived in Germany for a long time but have additional roots in other countries, two in Iran,… Read More

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