There are many reasons to get vaccinated – interview with medical specialist Richard Ukiri

Richard Ukiri is a specialist for internal medicine and cardiology. He studied in Nigeria and has worked as a doctor in Germany since 2001. Since 2007, he is an accredited specialist for internal medicine and one for cardiology since 2016. He is currently working in the Paracelsus Klinik Hemer in North Rhine-Westphalia. Bright Igbinovia, an editor with tünews INTERNATIONAL, conducted an interview with him about the COVID-19 vaccine.

tünews: Mr. Ukiri, what do you think about the corona-vaccination?

Ukiri: I recently gave my signature to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. Since then, I have received calls and messages from close friends and relatives. They want me to withdraw my signature, because of the things they see on Facebook and other social media platforms.

tünews: Why did you decide to get vaccinated?

Ukiri: Worldwide, doctors, no matter their nationality, die because of COVID-19 daily.

tünews: How do you perceive the current situation?

Ukiri: In less than twelve months and only two waves, corona has killed more than 1 million people. Nobody knows what a next wave will bring. I’ve also seen second infections.

tünews: What do you mean by second infections?

Ukiri: It means that patients, who were already infected with corona and recovered, get infected with it again.

tünews: Are you more afraid of a spread of the virus or of the vaccination itself?

Ukiri: Do you know, how much contact I have with corona-patients daily? Please let us be scientific. If this vaccination was as its opposers say it is, do you think that Germany and the European Union would approve it for its citizens?

tünews: What do you think about most information on social media?

Ukiri: It is horrible that people, who have no knowledge of the topic, spread conspiracy theories. They say that the vaccination affects the genes, that the vaccination impairs fertility, that there will be an implant, which tracks the movement of a person, that many who are vaccinated suffer from side effects (for example allergic reactions, collapse and so on). Essential is that this virus is deadly and it doesn’t discriminate between nationality, gender or social class. […]

tünews: What is the benefit of a COVID-19 vaccination?

Ukiri: That after the two-dosage-vaccination, one can live a life without restrictions. Without the vaccination, many restrictions from normality would continue to exist.

tünews: Does that apply to every vaccination?

Ukiri: The vaccination is new and came to the market quicker than any other vaccination before it. However, one shouldn’t forget that the technology is getting better. Consequently, a vaccine can get developed and marketed faster than its predecessors. When I receive the vaccination, the virus can’t hurt me anymore. The only thing I look out for are children and pregnant women. To them, I would recommend to wait for some time. My decision is final!

tünews: Mr. Ukiri, thank you for the interview.


Impressionen zum Leben in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie: Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL; Mostafa Elyasian, 11.06.2020

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