UN report about war crimes in Syria

It started with protests ten years ago: Syrians demonstrate against the regime of leader Baschar al-Assad in March 2011. The power of the state immediately reacted with brutal violence against the demonstrators. Since 2011, tens of thousands of people have been put into prison, many of them have been tortured. The 30 pages long report by an international investigation team of the United Nations documents the “hideous” (as it’s called in the report) crimes against the human rights – committed by both the government and the rebel groups. The authors have conducted around 2500 interviews in ten years. Among other things, they talk about gas attacks against civilians, sieges during which people have been starved, attacks against hospitals and about cluster munition and barrel bombs in even residential areas and markets. Around twelve million Syrians have been chased away and have had to flee within their own country or abroad. This is also a result of the still ongoing war against the citizens. The UN representatives again demand an “ongoing ceasefire” to stop the atrocities. The UN report can be read in Arabic or English here: https://undocs.org/A/HRC/46/54


Foto: Wikimedia Commons/ VoAN

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