Vaccination appointments are currently scarce

“No free dates were found in your region. Please try again later.”

 This ad is read by many who currently want to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. There is currently too little vaccine available, so that many give up after several days of trying. This is how it goes for many people when they contact the vaccination centres via the Internet address or try to register via the telephone number 116117. Many no longer just look for appointments at the local vaccination centre, but accept long journeys. But there is not enough vaccine even far away. If there is no vaccine, help addresses such as or also fail. From 7.6. the prioritization in the vaccination sequence is cancelled nationwide. Then anyone can officially get vaccinated who wants to. It is therefore to be expected that the demand for vaccination appointments will increase, so that it will remain difficult to get a vaccination appointment. tünews INTERNATIONAL will report when larger vaccine quantities are announced again.


Mit Impfstoff befüllte Spritzen. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.

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