What is the St. Nicholas’ Day?

The St. Nicholas’ Day on December 6th is the death anniversary  of the bishop Saint Nicholas of Myra. Many legends exist about Nicholas. He supposedly shared his entire inheritance with the poor and was a very religious man. St. Nicholas’ Day is a Christian holiday during the advent season and is also celebrated by many non-Christians with their children in Germany. On the eve before St. Nicholas’ Day, children put their boots or shoes in front of the door. They hope that St. Nicholas will come and put sweets, tangerines, nuts or chocolate, in them. A common part of the tradition a visit by St. Nicholas, which is a man dressed up in a bishop costume. He visits the children and asks them if they behaved well over the last year. Everyone who was nice, gets sweets. St. Nicholas has a companion called Knecht Ruprecht, who carries a rod. His job is to frighten the children who were naughty. In Germany, children can send a wish list to St. Nicholas’ address on the day before St. Nicholas’ Day: An den Nikolaus, Nikolausplatz, 66352 St. Nikolaus

More information about the St. Nicholas’ Day: https://www.stuttgarter-nachrichten.de/inhalt.warum-feiern-wir-nikolaus-mhsd.23c8a21a-bb00-4a89-83d0-43e2211bb2fb.html



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