Meine Heimat

Entwicklung Meine Heimat Von Oula Mahfouz   Früher dachte ich, dass nur ein Ort Heimat sein kann und dass ich mein Heimatland (Syrien) niemals verlassen könnte. Im Jahr 2012 mussten wir wegen der Kämpfe aus unserem Wohnort in Damaskus fliehen. Ich hatte mit meiner großen Familie eine Wohnung im Zentrum in Damaskus gemietet. Bald haben meine Eltern und meine Geschwister einer nach dem anderen Syrien verlassen. Ich war die letzte, die in Damaskus geblieben ist. Diese Zeit war sehr schwierig für mich, da ich in meinem Heimatland war, mich aber fremd fühlte. Schon damals hat sich meine Vorstellung von Heimat… Read More

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Sozialforum Tübingen

Selbsthilfe Sozialforum Tübingen Von Feras Trayfi   Was sind Selbsthilfegruppen? Und gibt es so etwas auch für Geflüchtete und Migranten? Mit diesen und weiteren Fragen waren unsere Redakteure Aliaa Abd Khalaf, Feras Trayfi und Mostafa Elyasian zu Gast beim Sozialforum in Tübingen. Barbara Herzog, Selbsthilfeberaterin und Diplompsychologin beim Sozialforum, stand dazu Rede und Antwort. Mit welchen Problemen kommen die Menschen zu ihnen? In einer Selbsthilfegruppe treffen sich Menschen mit den gleichen Problemen und Krankheiten. Sie tauschen Erfahrungen und Informationen aus und geben sich gegenseitig Unterstützung. Wenn man an diesen Gruppen teilnehmen möchte, muss man sich an einige wichtige Regeln halten.… Read More

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The Arab Film Festival (Film mirroring Reality)

Culture The Arab Film Festival (Film mirroring Reality) from the editorial team The Arabic Film Festival is a very beautiful and interesting intercultural event that takes place every year in Tuebingen. The aim is to disseminate more information and acceptance by dealing with current topics such as refugees and migration. Films can indeed be a medium of information through which one can get to know cultures and ways of life from other corners of the world. At the weekend some editors of tünews were invited to the Arabic Film Festival in Tuebingen. They had to select a film and at… Read More

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Two days of Berlin

Capital Two days of Berlin By Mostafa Elyasian   This summer my wife and I flew to Berlin for two days. Berlin is the largest city and the capital of Germany. If you want to get to know Berlin, you need a lot of time. But we only had two days. Berlin is full of people and tourists, similar to Tehran. There seem to be different rules and laws here than in the Iranian capital. The police have a lot to do in Berlin. One of the places I saw was the leftovers of the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall… Read More

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From sugar cone to “Schultüte”

Traditions From sugar cone to “Schultüte” By Filiz Sahin   A few weeks ago it was time again and many children celebrated their first day at school. A school cone (“Schultüte”) or sugar cone (“Zuckertüte”) is held proudly by many children’s hands on that day. No matter whether they made it themselves or bought it ready-made, whether big or small, whether round or square – a photo with school bag, capturing an important start into a new phase of life, is something every one of us most porbably owns. It’s hard to believe, but the history of the Schultüte goes… Read More

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In close proximity, yet grasping the bigger picture

Portrait In close proximity, yet grasping the bigger picture By Ute Kaiser   Kathrin Haas has not regretted moving from North Rhine-Westphalia to Baden-Württemberg. Her work at the Tübingen District Office corresponds to what the social worker with a master’s degree in social management wants to do professionally. Since September 2017, the 33-year-old has been in charge of the “Special Service for Refugees” department and a team of 32 employees – ranging from integration managers to refugee representatives. The tasks are as varied as the circumstances of the people who fled war and violence: However, the focus is on integration… Read More

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Religion in Iran – Compulsion or freedom of belief?

World affairs Religion in Iran – Compulsion or freedom of belief? By Mostafa Elyasian During the reign of the Shah (until 1979) Iran was a free and strong country in the world and on the way to a modern state. People lived without serious problems, women with and without headscarves, religions existed peacefully side by side – Muslims, Christians, Zoroastrians, Jews, Baha’i or people without faith – until 40 years ago Grand Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran from his Exile in France and took power. Before his arrival he had promised in numerous messages to the Iranians that he would… Read More

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A taste of home

Theatre A taste of home By Reem Al Sagheer   “Home is where you have your Kartoffelsalat”: The theme of an event at the theatre festival of the Landestheater Tübingen (LTT) on Saturday evening, 14th September, was the concept of “home”. The smell of oriental food attracted more than 50 people. In the theatre hall, there stood a stove along with a few hot plates. Five cooks from Syria, Afghanistan and Switzerland fried fish, chicken, flat bread and sausages. In a pot lentils were cooked for “Mjadara”, a Syrian speciality with bulgur, lentils, onions and olive oil. The director Twyla… Read More

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My home (country)

My home (country) By Oula Mahfouz   I used to think that home was just one specific place and that I could never leave my home country (Syria). In 2012 we had to flee our home in Damascus because of the fighting. I had rented an apartment in the centre of Damascus with my big family. Soon my parents and siblings left Syria one by one. I was the last one to stay in Damascus. This time was very difficult for me, because I was in my home country, but felt estranged. Then already my idea of home had begun… Read More

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Social Forum Tuebingen

Self-help Social Forum Tuebingen By Feras Trayfi   What are self-help groups? And is there such a thing for fugitives and migrants as well? With these and other questions in mind, our editors Aliaa Abd Khalaf, Feras Trayfi and Mostafa Elyasian were guests at the Social Forum in Tuebingen. Barbara Herzog, a self-help consultant and graduate psychologist at the Social Forum, answered their questions. With which problems do people come to these groups? People with the same problems and diseases meet in a self-help group. They exchange experiences as well as information and support each other. If you want to… Read More

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سپرده اجاره

زمانیکه شما خانه یا آپارتمان را به کرایه میگرید شما یک اندازه پول را به ضمانت دراختیارصاحبخانه…  2,990 total views,  2 views today

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