Voluntary giving

Reem is still familiar with voluntary work from her first home country, Syria, where she grew up. Back then, “voluntary work” seemed strange to her: a job for which you don’t get paid, even though you do a lot? That didn’t make any sense. But for a few years now, Germany has become her home. Here, Reem has only really understood volunteer work since she herself volunteered with tünews INTERNATIONAL. When she thinks of volunteering in Syria, her first association is working in orphanages. That was very common there before the war, she reports. Since the war began, however, there… Read More

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Learning to swim means arriving!

By Ammar Beilschmidt   The initiative “Swimming for all children” renews the offer to all children from families with little money (holders of the KreisBonusCard) to learn to swim for free. This appeal was made on 22 July 2021 at Tübingen’s open-air swimming pool during the reading “In the water we are all equal”. Around 100 visitors from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures came together on a balmy summer evening to hear diverse, touching and exciting experiences of swimming. The stories ranged from the burning desire to learn to swim since childhood to stories where swimming was a… Read More

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Beware of caterpillars on oak trees

The oak processionary moth is a type of a butterfly. Its offspring is a caterpillar, that emerges starting end of May. Its “stinging” hair can cause skin inflammations with strong itching, inflammations of the eye or the upper respiratory tract and more. Especially risky is the direct contact with the caterpillar and its webs, within which they reside. The wind can spread around the caterpillar’s hair from the trees. The caterpillars have spread so widely during the last view years. Therefore, they can be found in almost all tree populations. Within the forest, the oak processionary moth is not being… Read More

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Two watermelons in one hand

At lunchtime, the grocery store where Mohammad from Afghanistan is doing his training is particularly busy. Many come on their lunch break to run errands. It has to be quick when shopping. “Mentally, people are already back in their offices or in the next store,” smiles Mohammad. In a hurry, some customers take the receipt, but leave the goods at the checkout. Some even leave their bank cards in the card reader. But Mohammad has a watchful eye and calls the customers back. They are mostly surprised and very grateful. “Sometimes I don’t understand the Germans – they try to… Read More

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Milk products – a precious commodity?

There are rich countries and there are poor countries. Mohammad from Afghanistan is wondering how many tons of milk, yoghurt or other groceries that have already been bought are thrown away in Germany. And in Afghanistan and other countries, for example, people need milk that is not there. In Germany the supply is much greater than the demand, especially at dairy products. And a lot of other food is thrown away here because the best-before date has expired. Mohammad’s training in the grocery trade includes going through the store every morning and sorting out the expired goods. Every day he… Read More

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Migratory Birds: Billions of migrants without passports

By Michael Seifert Birds that we haven’t seen all winter have been back for a few weeks: first and foremost, the swallows, but also warblers, the cuckoo with its characteristic call or storks. Birds are the most active migrants of all living things on earth – and they do not need a passport. It is estimated that around 50 billion birds are on the move worldwide every year, that is a quarter to a sixth of all birds. The phenomenon that is responsible for this is called bird migration. But what is that exactly? “We understand this to mean the… Read More

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Earthquakes in the District of Tübingen? Yes!

By Michael Seifert Here’s something that many don’t know: between Tübingen und Balingen, we live in a region in which the earth shakes frequently. The last time an earthquake occurred was on Sunday evening, March 21st, at 6.38 p.m., and it had a strength of 3.6. In the region Tübingen/Reutlingen, you could hear a bang like an explosion and feel a short tremor. The mayor of a township on the edge to the Swabian Alps, where the center was, said: “It was as if a car drove into my house.” Only in December 2020, there was a similarly strong earthquake… Read More

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Small purchases

A customer comes to Mohammad in the greengrocer’s and wants to buy a banana. What does one banana do? Do people in Germany live and eat for themselves? Mohammad suspects that many go shopping here because they want to have fun. In Afghanistan, where Mohammad came to Germany from five years ago, people would buy much larger quantities of food. Instead of one kilogram of potatoes, they usually buy three kilograms that would be enough for a medium-sized family for a week. Rice would be fetched by the sack for a whole month. In Afghanistan, shopping is really something different.… Read More

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Attention horticulturists

Who would like to do gardening and is looking for a plot of land for this? Swabians say “Gütle” or “Stückle” to such allotment gardens. The city of Tübingen is now looking for sponsors who want to garden on urban land. The city also offers public areas such as planters or the area around fountains or playgrounds. The city’s “Stückle” can then be replanted and maintained, however, they can’t be used to plant vegetables or for commercial purposes. More information, contact details and an application form are available at: https://www.tuebingen.de/21149.html#/3607 tun21041301 Viele Familien in Baden-Württemberg bewirtschaften in ihrer Freizeit ein… Read More

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What the heart symbol means

By Oula Mahfouz “The heart breaks”. This metaphor expresses sorrow, but doctors also acknowledge a “broken heart syndrome”. A “strong heart” may refer to a healthy heart or strong character. One with a weak heart may be sick or not resilient. Why does the word hold so many meanings? Many consider the heart a symbol of love, but the heart may also hold love’s opposites, envy, hate, and others. In fact, science shows all emotions originate from the brain. The current symbolic depiction of the heart originates from depictions of fig leaves and ivy leaves, explaining why the symbol bears… Read More

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About bulbs and grapes

There are customers who approach Mohammad at the vegetable stall and want to buy 500 grams of celery. He asks: Would you like a bulb? A big or a small one? He has been selling vegetables and fruits for four years now and still wonders: People don’t know the “package size”. It is important to understand one another. Because of this, it is also important how one says something. At his home in Afghanistan, one has to say exactly what they want at the vegetable seller: A bulb of garlic, not a piece; you ask for a stick or a… Read More

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Corona-crisis is changing the German language

The corona-crisis has also affected the German language: 1230 new words and words with a new meaning have been collected by “Leibniz-Institut für Deutsche Sprache”. One of these institution’s task is to study the changes in the German language. The directory of neologisms, as linguistics calls new words, features words from Alltagsmaske (community mask) to Zoom-Party. The best known are Lockdown and Shutdown.  Other words that are now part of the normal vocabulary are: Geisterspiel (ghost game, a soccer game without spectators), Klopapierhysterie (toilet paper hysteria), Covidioten (covidiots, a politician called people who thought the virus was an invention this), … Read More

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Carrots and field lettuce preferably with soil 

When customers currently say to Mohammad that the carrots or the field lattice are dirty, he gets annoyed. Right now, the apprentice in retail trade mainly sells these two fresh products from the region. Patiently, he then explains to the customers: “The carrots aren’t dirty, they are carrots with soil on them.” He then points out to them that carrots with soil are fresher and taste better than the pre-washed vegetables. He also knows the Swabians amongst his customers. Some of them fear that they have to pay for soil when the vegetables are being weighed at the checkout. This… Read More

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Let’s talk about the weather: Is there snow in Syria?

By Oula Mahfouz Due to the heavy snowfall in Germany, I remembered that every time, when it snowed, I got asked the same question: Does it snow in Syria? I am always very happy to hear this question, as it reminds me of the last winter I spent in Damascus. That winter, there was a lot of snowfall.  Syria is situated in the eastern Mediterranean and borders on Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan and Palestine. This special position between three different continents and cultures is important. It shapes Syria and gave the country a diversity in many areas, including nature, climate… Read More

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What the heart symbol means

By Oula Mahfouz “The heart breaks”. This metaphor expresses sorrow, but doctors also acknowledge a “broken heart syndrome”.  A “strong heart” may refer to a healthy heart or strong character. One with a weak heart may be sick or not resilient. Why does the word hold so many meanings? Many consider the heart a symbol of love, but the heart may also hold love’s opposites, envy, hate, and others. In fact, science shows all emotions originate from the brain. The current symbolic depiction of the heart originates from depictions of fig leaves and ivy leaves, explaining why the symbol bears… Read More

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International Body Language

By Reem Al Sagheer and Natalie Hekmat Body language often accompanies us unconsciously through life. We learn body language, especially gestures and facial expressions, from our parents and fellow human beings. However, there are mannerisms in every culture, many of which differ. This can lead to intercultural misunderstandings. A shake of the head, for example, can be understood as approval in some countries and as rejection in others. In Pakistan, Bulgaria and India, a shake of the head means approval. On the other hand, in other countries such as Germany or Syria, it marks a rejection. A thumbs up can… Read More

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Why do many people with a background in migration have their birthday on January 1st?

By Reem Al Sagheer In Germany, about 416.420 people with a background in migration have their birthday on January 1st. This is according to data by the Federal Agency of Migration (BAMF). Most of them are from Syria (about 123.000), Turkey (85.000), Afghanistan (60.000) and Iraq (30.000). Other countries such as Eritrea, Morocco and Lebanon follow with fewer numbers. Is that supposed to be a joke? Are there actually that many people who were coincidentally born on the same day or is there a reason for this date? In contrast to Germany, birthdays aren’t that important in the mentioned countries.… Read More

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Customs in the Advent season

The Advent season in Germany has many traditions and customs. Advent means “the coming of God”, referring to the birth of Jesus Christ, which many people in Germany celebrate on December 24th. Advent begins on the first Sunday after November 26th and is then celebrated on all four Sundays until Christmas. The celebrations have many customs. One of them is the Advent wreath, a beautifully decorated wreath made of fir branches with four candles on it. One candle is lit every Sunday, so that all four candles are lit by Christmas. Another custom, especially for children, is the Advent calendar,… Read More

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What is the St. Nicholas’ Day?

The St. Nicholas’ Day on December 6th is the death anniversary  of the bishop Saint Nicholas of Myra. Many legends exist about Nicholas. He supposedly shared his entire inheritance with the poor and was a very religious man. St. Nicholas’ Day is a Christian holiday during the advent season and is also celebrated by many non-Christians with their children in Germany. On the eve before St. Nicholas’ Day, children put their boots or shoes in front of the door. They hope that St. Nicholas will come and put sweets, tangerines, nuts or chocolate, in them. A common part of the… Read More

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The importance of a pearl necklace in refugee women’s lives

“The women are all very different and every woman is so impressive,” says Laura Gudd, a social worker at the Asylum Center in Tübingen. Together with Dana Pietsch and two psychologists, she works on the project “Biography work. Culture-sensitive empowerment of vulnerable and abused refugee women”. Biography work involves participants thinking positively about their own life and developing perspectives for their personal future. This method is often used after a crucial experience in one’s own life, such as having to flee one’s country of origin. Women who fled their country of origin on their own often experienced violence, coercion and… Read More

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Against heat and cold: Architecture in the Middle East

By Youssef Kanjou In the Stone Age, humans inhabited caves and discovered fire. They used it to generate heat that helped them reduce the cold during the winter. Many thousands of years later, humans were able to abandon the caves and build the first villages near rivers. They were now able to build houses that protected them from high or low temperatures and thus adapted to the natural conditions. Examples of this were found during archaeological excavations in the northwest of Syria in Tel Al-Qaramel, where the archaeologists uncovered various fireplaces and rooms with walls. They were built using construction… Read More

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Could you please spell your name?

Martha, Anton, Heinrich, Friedrich, Otto, Ulrich, Zacharias: This is the way, I have to spell my name in German on the phone, so my interlocutor can spell it right – M A H F O U Z. What is the meaning of all this and where do these names come from? The first official German spelling alphabet was introduced in 1890 in Prussia. The reason for this was the newly invented telephone. The Berlin telephone directory, however, still used numbers at that time in order to designate the letters: A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 and so… Read More

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Volunteer experience with refugee aid

“What did you personally experience during your volunteer work for refugees?” The volunteer coordinators in the Tübingen district and the readers of tünews INTERNATIONAL are looking for responses to this question. People who have been involved in supporters or otherwise between 2015 and today are invited to write down experiences from their volunteer work and send them to the refugee officer of the district of Tübingen, Hanna Hahn. She reports that she has already received “wonderful gems”, from somber reports to very colorful stories. Tünews INTERNATIONAL plans to publish the contributions in a special magazine. In addition, the volunteer coordinators… Read More

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Swimming season has started with restrictions

Public pools, thermal spas and swimming lakes in Baden-Württemberg are allowed to reopen from Saturday, 6th of June, with controlled access. This was decided by the steering group of the provincial government on Thursday, 4th of June. Nevertheless, there are restrictions: Only a certain number of guests may rest on lawns or swim in the pool at the same time – depending on the size of the area. Also, in the pools and swimming lakes, people have to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters. The operators have to prevent people from gathering in crowds and cuing in front of… Read More

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The youth centres are opening again

The city youth centres in Tübingen will gradually open their doors from Monday the 8th of June. Information about the services and how to register for them can be found on the respective websites and in the social media. “We are happy that after three months of shutdown, we can once again offer young people places outside their parents’ house and school,” says Mayor Dr. Daniela Harsch. The youth café Bricks is already open and is offering a punting boat sailing school in the second week of the Whitsun holidays. The Waldhäuser Ost Youth Forum will open on Monday, June… Read More

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Beware of caterpillars on oak trees

The oak processionary moth is a type of a butterfly. Its offspring is a caterpillar, that emerges starting end of May. Its “stinging” hair can cause skin inflammations with strong itching, inflammations of the eye or the upper respiratory tract and more. Especially risky is the direct contact with the caterpillar and its webs, within which they reside. The wind can spread around the caterpillar’s hair from the trees. The caterpillars have spread so widely during the last view years. Therefore, they can be found in almost all tree populations. Within the forest, the oak processionary moth is not being… Read More

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How Syrians Celebrate Eid al-Fitr

Youssef Kanjou Eid al-Fitr, the Feast at the end of Ramadan, is celebrated as a religious and social ritual that lasts for three days. We prepare everything during Ramadan. This includes baking the various sweets for the celebration, buying clothes, organizing family visits and cleaning as well as decorating the houses. On the day before Eid al-Fitr, mothers work particularly hard when it comes to preparing for the next day and often it includes working through the night and into the morning. The Eid celebration begins with the children and the men going to the mosques shortly after sunrise without… Read More

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Naldo charges less for student subscriptions

Families of students, who travel by public transport, can save two monthly installments if they have kept the monthly Naldo student card for May. The May rate will not be debited. The same rule applies to the month of June. Due to the long-standing bonus scheme in the district of Tübingen, schoolchildren who have purchased monthly passes for the whole school year do not have to pay their own share in July, according to the transport association Naldo. For monthly subscriptions 25 (issued by the school) there are no monthly rates for May and June. Schoolchildren with a monthly pass… Read More

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Integration Representative promotes women’s project

“Without women, integration cannot be successful”, said Annette Widmann-Mauz in September 2018 at a conference in the Tübingen District Office. The Integration Representative of the Federal Government and Tübingen’s CDU Member of the Parliament already spoke out at that time in favor of supporting refugee women on their way to integration. The Integration Commissioner is supporting a new project by the Tübingen Asylum Centre intended for refugee women. The project “Biography – Identity – Integration” is to receive almost 130,000 euros for this and next year, as Widmann-Mauz announced in April. This project is intended to empower vulnerable women who… Read More

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Ticks transmit infectious diseases

Ticks become active in early summer. They are then at a stage in which they suck blood from living things such as animals and humans. They can transmit pathogens during the suction process. The risk of being infected by tick bites is particularly high in Baden-Württemberg. Here up to five percent of all ticks transmit the TBE virus and up to 35 percent the Lyme disease bacterium. That is why the Baden-Württemberg State Health Office is now recommending protective measures to people who are often in their own garden and in nature. Ticks do not fall from trees and cannot… Read More

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Careful with gift vouchers

At present, alleged vouchers from retail chains are being circulated on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. It gives the impression that well-known retail companies are giving customers 250 euros for free. Letterhead and company logos give an impression of authenticity. In May 2020 the editorial staff of tünews INTERNATIONAL could not find any confirmation of such tempting promises whatsoever. In earlier years there were similar fake offers whose authors often wanted to acquire Private Data. Who would have so much money to give away? Therefore, the editorial staff of tünews INTERNATIONAL is advising against getting involved in such offers.… Read More

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The muezzin calls to prayer through loudspeakers

For the first time, the Rottenburg mosque association will transmit the call to prayer for breaking the fast with a loudspeaker. The call can be heard around the mosque in Bahnhofstrasse. It will be heard at sunset during the fasting month of Ramadan until May 23th (initially around 8:00 p.m., at the end of the fasting period around 9:15 p.m.) and will last around two minutes. The city administration explains the reason for this “special and unique gesture towards the Muslim believers in Rottenburg” to be the exceptional situation caused by the Corona pandemic. Just like all other religious communities… Read More

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Children and fasting

“I want to fast like my family until I learn patience,” said Sara, an 11-year-old, in a video from 2017. She also added: “Children can fast gradually, for example, in the first phase from dawn to noon, in the second phase from dawn to afternoon, and in the last phase, from dawn to sunset. This is how children like me can fast successfully.” And on the subject of fasting during school days, Sara said, “When I come back from school, I eat a lot and then I start fasting.” Children do not actually have to fast in Islam. They cannot… Read More

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Stepping on agricultural land is forbidden

In Baden-Württemberg, agricultural land may not be stepped on during the period of use. This prohibition applies to fields between the sowing and the harvest. Meadows are protected from the time they grow up until grazing, i.e. between the beginning of March and the end of October. Dogs are not permitted to enter the protected areas during these periods either. This prohibition on entering the meadows is laid down in the Baden-Württemberg Nature Conservation Act of 2015. tun042408 Impressionen zum Leben in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie: Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL; Mostafa Elyasian, 25.04.2020 Latest information on Corona: Click here  678 total views

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Do not leave litter in the open

Anyone who steps into the open countryside in Baden-Württemberg has to pick up and remove their waste and the droppings of their dogs. The regulation is designed, among other things, to protect the crops: Who would want dog excrement in their flour or bread? The ban on leaving waste in the landscape is laid down in the Baden-Württemberg Nature Conservation Act of 2015. tun042409 Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL; Wolfgang Sannwald. Latest information on Corona: Click here  790 total views

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Online access to books and films in Tübingen

The Tübingen city library is expected to open again on May 6th, according to a press release from the city administration. Until the reopening, books, CDs and films can be ordered online at www.tuebingen.de/stadtbuecherei or from Tuesday to Friday from 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. or over the phone 07071/204 14 03. Readers can pick up their orders from Tuesday to Friday from 10.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10.30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the delivery window. There is a link to a children’s book on the homepage. A different one is read aloud every week.… Read More

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Rottenburger library open for book-borrowing

The Rottenburger Stadtbibliothek has opened again to a limited extent. Books can be borrowed on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the city administration announced. A maximum of 30 people may be in the building. You must wear masks and keep a safe distance. tun042305 Impressionen zum Leben in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie: Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL; Mostafa Elyasian, 15.04.2020 Latest information on Corona: Click here  691 total views

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Corona experiences of a food vendor

Mohammad has been training as a salesman in a grocery shop in Tübingen for the last three years. He believes that the coronavirus also poses a threat to him even in the workplace. There is “no guarantee that we are protected from the risk of infection at work”. The staff’s only option, he says, is: “We ourselves observe the contact protocol of staying at a distance.” Some of the customers do not maintain the distance, “for example, they get too close to each other and also to us, the staff, during a conversation—even though we have clearly marked in the… Read More

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Risk of forest fires

The risk of forest fires is now increasing significantly in Baden-Württemberg. The German Weather Service (DWD) warned about the said risks because of the extremely dry and the sunny weather lately. Due to this the risk of forest fires will reach up to level four out of five on 22nd April with an upward tendency. The DWD tracks the risk of forest fires on the Internet under: www.wettergefahren.de/warnung/indizes/waldbrand.html. It is generally prohibited to start a fire outside of a marked fireplace in the forest. And in times of the Corona epidemic, the forest authorities have blocked playgrounds and barbecue places… Read More

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Only a maximum of four in the studio

  We still broadcast “Newcomer News” every Wednesday in the “Radio Desert Wave” studio, even now during the corona crisis. We are now only hosting a maximum of four people in the studio – instead of up to eight previously. While we broadcast our program live, we keep the necessary distance of two meters from each other out of responsibility and continue our work. The news from tünews INTERNATIONAL are spoken in four languages. In order to comply with this rule, we as speakers are divided into two groups. For example, the news in German and Arabic are announced first,… Read More

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Shopping with a mask – an experiment

An increasing number of people are starting to wear a mask over their mouth and nose. How does it feel to wear a mask? How do other people react to me wearing one? I wanted to know the answers to these questions so I decided to do an experiment. Before entering a drugstore, I mount the mask lovingly made by a friend, a refugee. There is not much happening, even though the stock of toilet paper has just been refilled. The first customer I encounter smiles at me very kindly. That bolsters my courage. First obstacle: my glasses are starting… Read More

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How do we spend Easter during Corona?

It is a particularly difficult time for all of us. We must spend the Easter holidays without friends, visiting acquaintances or Easter celebrations! But it is particularly difficult for the children. I will go to the forest with my daughter to look for Easter eggs and better discover the forest. Maybe we’ll meet some friends on the way by chance and greet them at a safe distance. My daughter is looking forward to playing in the forest, enjoying nature and the weather. It’s an unusual Easter time. We must protect each other. And at the same time, we can try… Read More

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Easter in the shared apartment

I usually spend the Easter weekend with friends at a music festival. On Easter Monday, I take the first train to my family. My mother dyes hard-boiled eggs and puts them in a nice basket. We give ourselves little Easter nests with sweets. In the evening we eat eggs, raw ham, strong rye bread and chives from the garden. But this year everything is different: I stay in my flat share in Tübingen, and concerts and family visits are canceled. I only see my family on my cell phone screen today. We sent our Easter gifts by post. I baked… Read More

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Iranian authorities interrogate journalists

Journalists in Iran who oppose the Government’s official statements on Corona live dangerously. The organization “Reporter ohne Grenzen” (Reporters Without Borders) has reported on some media workers who have been summoned for interrogation by the secret service and revolutionary guards for their information about the epidemic. One example: a person was arrested and accused of secretly making a video in a morgue. The video showed far more corpses than the number reported by the authorities. The virus cannot be fought by suppressing information and harassing independent journalists, said Christian Mihr, the managing director of Reporter ohne Grenzen (Reporters Without Borders).… Read More

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Easter eggs from Easter bunnies?

How is an Easter bunny supposed to lay eggs? Why isn’t there an Easter chicken instead? In any case, Easter eggs are very important to the Germans, as observed by Mohamad Nazir Momand. Mohamad has been working as a trainee in the food trade for three years. Recently, he experienced a shortage of white eggs in the organic shop: “For a week now, customers have been coming and asking if we have white eggs.” His answer is often, “Unfortunately, we’re out of white eggs.” In the shop there are enough brown and painted eggs but that’s not what people want… Read More

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Creative Times

The city museum has invited all children if Tübingen to be creative. They can paint, do handicrafts, take photographs or write a short text with the theme “Tübingen in extraordinary times”. All ideas are welcome. The children can share how they will be spending these unique Easter holidays. What will they do when playing with friends, visiting relatives or travel plans are cancelled? The children can show with their artwork what they are currently missing and what they have discovered anew. The works can be sent via e-mail to the Stadtmuseum until Sunday, April 19th. Please include your name, age… Read More

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Shops closed over Easter

The supermarkets and discounters in Baden-Württemberg are closed on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. The state government had planned otherwise, but received criticism from the churches. Unions also asked workers to relax on the holidays. In some cases, shops have extended their opening hours to avoid crowds. Therefore, they also ask customers to plan their purchases and, if possible, not to go to the shops on Thursday or Saturday. In this way, crowds should be avoided, and it should also be possible to keep your distance. tun040601 Impressionen zum Leben in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie: Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL; Kerstin Markl,… Read More

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E-Learning in times of Corona

What is E-Learning? Basically, the term E-learning (electronic learning) covers all forms of electronically supported learning. During the Corona crisis pupils in Germany and other countries are being taught online and have to do their homework on a PC or laptop. What are the advantages and disadvantages of E-learning? Here are a few examples. The first advantage is the greatest possible flexibility in terms of time and space. This means that E-learning is not dependent on timetables or a specific location like school building. Another advantage is that students can concentrate more on the tasks at home – when they… Read More

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Tips against stress in Corona times

Our lives are being altered by Corona. Many people have varying levels of fear of the virus. The situation with few physical contacts or even quarantine has an affect on the psyche and can cause stress and many other negative feelings. To cope with all this, the psychologist Raimund Alber of Ärzte ohne Grenzen offers the following tips: 1) Allow emotions like anger, frustration or hopelessness. 2) Sleep well and switch off at least one hour before going to bed and do something relaxing. 3) Just a little exercise, e.g. sports at home or a walk in nature, can help… Read More

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Scholarships for students

Are you exceptionally good in your studies and get good grades? There are 13 organisations in Germany that support high-performing students financially. In addition to very good grades, you also have to show social and voluntary engagement. The application process is online and is independent of social background. For more information about student scholarships: www.bmbf.de/de/die-begabtenfoerderungswerke-884.html tun032412 Impressionen zum Leben in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie: Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL; Mostafa Elyasian, 06.04.2020 Latest information on Corona: Click here    968 total views

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Easter in Germany

Easter is the most sacred festival in Christianity. It is closely connected with Christmas, which however has more significance for most Germans and on which there are more presents. On Christmas Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. On Easter they celebrate his sacrificial death and resurrection. Easter Sunday is preceded by a 40-day fasting period in which believers reflect on God. The holiday is on a different date every year: always on the Sunday after the first full moon of spring, in March or April. In the week before Easter, called the Holy Week, many events take place: On… Read More

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Lively city

The newly created online portal “tueshop.de” offers a joint online shop in which you can buy products from various Tübingen shops. “We are pleased that we can serve Tübingen even in this difficult time,” says Selçuk Öner from tuemarkt GmbH, the man behind the portal, which he set up together with committed retailers. The portal also provides information about existing online shops from Tübingen shops and service providers. “Tueshop.de” also shows the delivery offers from retailers and restaurateurs who do not have an online shop, but who accept orders by phone or email. tun033103 Impressionen zum Leben in Zeiten der… Read More

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Tübingen – I miss you, but I’m staying home

Today, after a long time and with a lot of longing, I visited Tübingen because of an important appointment. My feelings fluctuated between sadness and joy. I felt sad when I saw places that were full of pedestrians and visitors three weeks ago. Now they are frighteningly silent and empty, defying the bright sun that usually lured people out of their houses. At the same time, I’m happy that people are staying at home. They are following the rules for protecting public health. We are all responsible for those in need of protection who the virus may endanger much more… Read More

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International Children’s Book Day

2nd of April is the annual International Children’s Book Day. The aim is to awaken a desire to read and to draw attention to children’s books. Because of the Corona virus, schools all over the world have been closed and pupils been told to stay at home. This could be a chance for them to read more. A publisher organisation, the World Health Organisation WHO and UNICEF have therefore launched the “Read the World” campaign. Many authors of children’s books have joined this initiative. They read extracts from their books to children and young people who have to live in… Read More

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Bookseller carrying out deliveries himself

Hermann Arndt-Riethmüller, a bookstore owner from Tübingen, delivered books to his customers personally on Saturday, 28 March. Many bookstores are relying on online business in times of corona shutdown. Once orders are received, the books have to reach the people who want them and Hermann makes that possible for his customers. While standing in the bright sunshine Hermann explains: “Whether I cycle through Schönbuch, or around here …”, it makes little difference to him. tun032801 Impressionen zum Leben in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie: Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL; Wolfgang Sannwald, 28.03.2020 Latest information on Corona: Click here  972 total views

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Start of Daylight saving time

Coming Sunday, 29.03.2020, the time will be changed in Germany. At 2 a.m. at night the time will be moved forward to 3 a.m. This will make the night an hour shorter.  The initial idea of changing time dates back to 1784, when the then American politician Benjamin Franklin allegedly considered this because he wanted to save up on candles. In Germany the time change was introduced in 1916.  2021 will, however, most likely be the end of time changes in the EU countries. tun037203 Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL; Oula Mahfouz, 27.03.2020  4,925 total views

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Sport in the time of Corona

Due to the Corona crisis, many sporting activities can no longer be continued. Swimming pools, fitness studios and sports clubs are closed. A lack of exercise can have a negative impact on health. One solution is sport at home. If you need ideas for your own workout, you can use videos on YouTube or from fitness portals. Some of the closed gyms also upload videos. There are also free fitness apps. You can find everything from yoga to strength training. There is also the option of jogging, walking and walking in the fresh air alone or in pairs. tun032403 Impressionen… Read More

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Learn German online for free

The language courses in most language schools have been cancelled until after Easter. If you want, you can still continue to learn German – online for free. We have found three offers which are clearly structured and diverse. The radio station Deutsche Welle offers, among other things, courses up to level C, a training program, slow-spoken messages, videos as well as exercises and videos for smartphones and tablets. All this can be found at: www.dw.com/de/deutsch-lernen/s-2055 Interactive exercises for grammar, vocabulary and those that are appropriate for all kinds of textbooks including audio exercises are available at: www.deutschakademie.de/online-deutschkurs/ Would you like… Read More

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Solidarity in difficult times

By Hakan Demir We have been reading the news about the Corona virus for days. Right from the start, we follow the news every day, with growing and more careful eyes. What happened first in China and then in Italy was very difficult for all of us to forget. In this difficult time frame, however, important steps can be taken instead of waiting at home with fear: SOLIDARITY. Solidarity is one of the most important building blocks for people with different backgrounds in order to live together and to maintain the existence of a country. What happened in China and… Read More

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A taste of home

Theatre A taste of home By Reem Al Sagheer   “Home is where you have your Kartoffelsalat”: The theme of an event at the theatre festival of the Landestheater Tübingen (LTT) on Saturday evening, 14th September, was the concept of “home”. The smell of oriental food attracted more than 50 people. In the theatre hall, there stood a stove along with a few hot plates. Five cooks from Syria, Afghanistan and Switzerland fried fish, chicken, flat bread and sausages. In a pot lentils were cooked for “Mjadara”, a Syrian speciality with bulgur, lentils, onions and olive oil. The director Twyla… Read More

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Fishing in Germany By Sameer Ibrahim

What is needed to fish in Germany? – Anyone who would like to fish in Germany usually needs a fishing license. That’s the most common way. You can apply for it at the municipality. You have to attend a fishing seminary and then complete the theoretical and practical fishing test. The theoretical fishing test usually consists of a questionnaire about fishing. It includes, for example, questions on fish science, hydrology, fishkeeping and water management, fishing gear and fishing methods, the treatment of captive fish and any legislation. If you passed the test successfully, you usually get the result on the… Read More

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