• Tips against food moths

    Tips against food moths

    Moths enjoy cereal. Especially in the summer. The silver-grey insects also fly on pulses, rice, flour, dry fruit, chocolate and even dry animal food. How do the food moths get into the kitchen? The consumer advice center says that they often already get into the house with the shopping. However, they also get inside through an open window. Experts advise to do something against these insects. People who consume foods...
  • Cockroaches in the apartment

    Cockroaches in the apartment

    Many harmful insects crawl in German apartments. This includes the German cockroach. Some also call them cockroaches or Swabian beetles. They are about 13 to 16 millimeters long, amber in color, have six legs and two long antennae. Although these cockroaches have wings, they can only walk on the ground. During the day they hide between cracks in the walls and furniture. If many cockroaches are visible during the day,...
  • Housing allowance increase

    Housing allowance increase

    The federal government has increased the housing allowance for the third time, so that two-person households can receive an increase of 70 euros. This was announced by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Home Affairs in a press release. The increase is every two years according to the rent level and consumer prices. It is there to ease housing allowance recipients. 650,000 households who have received housing allowance...
  • Refrigerator bonus

    Refrigerator bonus

    Anyone who has a KreisBonusCard or a KreisBonusCard Extra from the Tübingen district and buys a new and environmentally friendly refrigerator can apply for a 50 euro grant from the Tübingen district. Only refrigerators that were purchased in 2021 and meet the energy efficiency standard A +++ or B (according to the new classification from March 2021) will be funded. In order to be able to apply for the money,...

    Ventilation prevents mold

    The energy advice service of the Baden-Württemberg consumer center recommends regular ventilation in winter. Damp air in the apartment can cause unhealthy mold on the walls. To prevent the formation of mold, one should ventilate by opening windows three to five times a day for at least five minutes. The rule is: the more people there are in the apartment, the more often you should ventilate. During ventilation, heaters should...
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    Family bonus payment in two installments

    Families are particularly affected by Corona. That is why this year, all families who normally receive child benefit payments, will receive a bonus of 300 euros per child. The Bundestag and Bundesrat recently came to this decision. This bonus is to be paid in two installments together with the child benefit: families will receive EUR 150 each in September and October this year. The child bonus is not counted towards...
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    “Baukindergeld” as a subsidy for families

    Since autumn 2018, the federal government has launched the “Baukindergeld” (Construction child allowance) subsidy. This child benefit is a state subsidy for families and single parents, which does not need to be repaid. The basic requirement for receiving the money is that the family’s residence has been bought or being built. The purchase contract or building permit must be dated between January 1st and December 31st, 2020. The support is...
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    On the way to integration

    tünews On the way to integration Ute Kaiser   Language, residence, work: These were and still are important issues for refugees. They are main concern of the tünews INTERNATIONAL team as well, already since the first issue in December 2015. Back then, the changes and developments tünews would undergo up until the 150th issue were beyond prediction.   Sprache: Ein Mitarbeiter von tünews besteht die Deutschprüfung für die Universität. Wohnen:...