• Many educational paths after elementary school
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    Many educational paths after elementary school

    By Majd Kanjou “Which secondary school is the best choice for our child?” That’s what many parents of a fourth-graders student in Baden-Württemberg are asking. Parents have various options as to which school they want to enroll their children in. Every autumn term, there are information evenings about the secondary schools. In the German education system, there are many different types of secondary schools like Hauptschule, Werkrealschule, Realschule, and Gemniysimshula....
  • Not all schools have “Heat Free”
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    Not all schools have “Heat Free”

    The sun is blazing in the sky. The temperature is rising. Classrooms are getting hotter, and the air is stuffy. Former generations of schoolchildren in Baden-Württemberg could rely on the fact that there would be “Hitzefrei” which means sending students home to escape the heat, but the situation is different now. As early as 2019, the Ministry of Education declared that it did not prescribe generally the circumstances for “Hitzefrei”....
  • Help against discrimination at school
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    Help against discrimination at school

    “You won’t pass in the Secondary School Certificate (Abitur), anyway” this comment was told to a Syrian high school student by a teacher in the district of Tübingen. The student felt that she was subject to discrimination, yet she did not want to be discouraged. In another case, a mother of a fifth-grader in the district of Tübingen was shocked to know that her son was excluded from the class...
  • Bafög for refugees from Ukraine

    Bafög for refugees from Ukraine

    As of June 1, refugees from Ukraine can apply for financial support for schooling, vocational training or studies under the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG). The Bafög application for studies can be submitted to the relevant student services, and for school-based training to the relevant district offices. Refugees with a residence title or a corresponding fictitious certificate are eligible for Bafög. Applicants must be under 30 years of age at...
  • Café Sozial offers space for encounters

    Café Sozial offers space for encounters

    Refugees of all nations and Tübingen residents can meet at the Café sozial. The café is located on the first floor of the social services department of the Tübingen city administration at Derendinger Straße 50, where the "International Encounter Café" is held every Monday from 3:30 to 5:30 pm. Guests can make new contacts over coffee, tea and pastries, the city said in a press release. There are also offers...
  • Grant for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications

    Grant for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications

    Anyone who wants to have professional qualifications acquired abroad recognized in Germany and does not receive financial support from the Employment Agency or the Job Center can apply for a recognition grant. The grant is aimed at employees who have lived in Germany for at least three months, work below their completed qualification and have a low income. In addition, they may not receive financial support for the recognition process...
  • Learning Café gets going

    Learning Café gets going

    The Lern-Café-Tübingen starts from April 26th every Tuesday from 17:30 to 19 o'clock in the Café Sozial (Tübingen, Derendinger Straße 50). The Lern-Café Tübingen is a project of the association Menschlichkeit Ulm e.V. At the Lern-Café, people of all nationalities who are in a language course, in vocational school or on their way to university receive tutoring that is individually tailored to their language level. For more information about the...
  • Final exams at schools: more time and additional tasks

    Final exams at schools: more time and additional tasks

    The final exams at schools are running a little differently this year, too. The reason is the Corona pandemic. The total time for completing the tasks will be extended. In addition, graduates can choose among additional exam tasks. The Ministry of Education assures students "fair conditions this year as well," said Minister Theresa Schopper in a Ministry press release. In concrete terms, this means that for exams with a total...
  • Speed dating for apprenticeships

    Speed dating for apprenticeships

    35 companies from Tübingen and the surrounding area are looking for apprentices for the years 2022, 2023 and 2024. The companies from all kinds of sectors will present themselves at the speed dating day on Tuesday, April 12, at Tübingen’s Sparkassen Carré. Students who are looking for an apprenticeship, a dual study position or a place for a voluntary social year (FSJ) can register online until Friday, April 1, at...
  • First Orientation Course at the Adult Education Center Tübingen

    First Orientation Course at the Adult Education Center Tübingen

    The Volkshochschule Tübingen offers a "First Orientation Course - Welcome to Tübingen!" in March on one morning and one afternoon date. The free course is aimed at refugees aged 18 and older who are still in the asylum process and do not come from a safe country of origin. Those who have only been in Germany for a short time will find help in this course to orient themselves in...
  • Free courses for women

    Free courses for women

    The Tübingen Family Educational Centre (FBS) is offering open intercultural courses free of charge from October onwards. The course "Fit & Fun for the Family" is designed to encourage women to exercise and thus strengthen their health. It also addresses topics such as healthy eating. In a sewing project on nine dates, women learn the basics of sewing. The sewing room at the FBS is equipped with good machines and...
  • Automatically learning a foreign language through television
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    Automatically learning a foreign language through television

    By Michael Seifert Germans do not speak English well. This is the result of a comparative European study: According to it, only 40 per cent are able to hold a simple conversation in English, while in the Netherlands and Scandinavia it is over 80 per cent of the population. Some experts explain the poor performance by the fact that Germany is a "dubbing country", i.e. English-language films are dubbed into...
  • Rottenburger Sprachcafé has reopened

    Rottenburger Sprachcafé has reopened

    In the language café in Rottenburg, refugees and migrants can improve their German skills with volunteers. The Sprach-Café opens every Wednesday from 5.30 p.m. It is in the Atrium building next to the high building on the former DHL site. The visitors determine what and how is learned. There is coffee, cake, pastries and fruit as well as child care. The entire offer can be used free of charge. If...
  • Technical assistance to parents in homeschooling

    Technical assistance to parents in homeschooling

    There is a project called “Homeschooling: aber sicher!” Mentors of the Volkshochschule in Rottenburg offers free technical supports every Wednesday from 5 to 7 p.m. Homeschooling-mentors help parents with a migration history. Whoever needs tips and help with dealing with technical issues can simply come to the consultation session without registration. Furthermore, there is the possibility to make a personal appointment and an interpreter can be made available if necessary....

    New program for refugees with an academic background in computer sciences

    Often, refugees with an academic background from a different country have trouble getting their degree or their academic achievements recognized in Germany. The new qualification program at the Hochschule Reutlingen in the field of computer sciences now helps with this issue. The goal of the program is to give refugees the chance to educate themselves further, in order for their degrees to be recognized in Germany. The participants will be...

    Funded tutoring available during the holidays

    Children, teenagers and young adults who come from low-income families, for example those who receive social benefits from the Jobcenter, are eligible for funding for private tutoring sessions during the summer holidays. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many students have had limited access to classes since March. Private tutoring during the summer holidays offers students a good opportunity to catch up on missed school work. The administrative district office (Landratsamt)...

    Classes during summer holidays for students with deficits

    In Baden-Wuerttemberg, there will be learning and support classes called "Lernbrücken" (learning bridges) during the last two weeks of the summer holidays in September. The courses are designed to help pupils catch up on study material, repeat content and overcome learning difficulties. This should help allow a better start into the new school year. Due to the school closings during the Corona-crisis, the students depended on learning at home. For...

    University events continue digitally

    The course of study at universities will resume in Baden-Württemberg in digital formats on April 20, 2020. Direct attendance of courses will be suspended until May 3, 2020. Practical events that require special laboratory or work rooms at universities can take place if they are absolutely necessary and special protective measures are taken. This was ordered by the state government of Baden-Württemberg in the Fifth Ordinance to amend the Corona...