• Paid time for education
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    Paid time for education

    To be successful at work, one should educate oneself further. Employees in Baden-Württemberg are generally entitled to educational time (educational leave). The employer continues to pay their wages or salaries during this time. The entitlement to educational leave only applies if the employees have been employed in a company for at least twelve months. You can take up to five days off every year, less if you work part-time. Apprentices...
  • Longer work days for people working from home
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    Longer work days for people working from home

    Due to Covid-19, many people currently work from home. A collaboration between researchers from the Harvard Business School and the New York University now discovered that, on average, these people work 48.5 minutes more each day than before the pandemic. For their study, the researchers looked at the digital working patterns of 3.1 million people from a few thousand companies, which are located in North America, Europe and the Middle...
  • Holiday jobs for young students
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    Holiday jobs for young students

    their pocket money during the summer holidays can apply for a holiday job. The following rules should be observed when working: Working hours should not exceed eight hours per day. A maximum of 40 hours with five days in a week is allowed. Working hours may only take place between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. There are, however, deviations for young people aged 16 and over. There must be a...
  • Special regulation for sick leave via telephone has ended

    Special regulation for sick leave via telephone has ended

    Starting June 1st, anyone who wants to get a sick leave needs to go to the doctor office again. This means that the special regulation has officially ended and a physical examination is once again necessary to assess the inability to work. However, Josef Hecken, Chairman of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA), emphasized that anyone suspecting an infection with the coronavirus should still contact a doctor via telephone. The special...